1 Beginning

"Ahhh!!!"  "Yahhh!!!"

"Ok, enough girls. It's time to eat lunch." A middle aged lady comes by the two girls who were practising sword battle

The lady sits by the two girls giving their food to eat.

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"So mother, why can't we go outside the boundary of our house?" A soon-to-be eighteen years old girl ask. She was curious ever since she was a little child.

"My child... I will tell you on your eighteenth birthday tomorrow." She smiles at her. A weak smile. The girl just nods her head for she didn't wanted to convince her mother. The lady looks at her friend.

"How's sword practice going, Yun-Yeong?" A girl of twenty one years old, with shoulder-length brownish hair with a round face. Her green almond eyes sparkling straightens her back and replies, "It's getting better mother!" And smiles.

Yun-Yeong calls her mother for the lady insisted her ever since she lost her parents because of the King.

"I really want that Devil King to die!" Yun-Yeong grits her teeth remembering the thoughts of her parents killed brutally while she was hiding. She really wanted to take revenge.

"Hold on, Yun-Yeong! You shouldn't be going without strengthening your powers. He is so powerful than us. Two of you are not ready so, try to concentrate on your powers carefully. I know that you are so much than that." Yun-Yeong sighs, nodding her head.

"So, let's get back to practicing your powers, Yong-Byeol!"

The girl stands up, her golden-yellow hair flowing in the wind. Her crystal blue doe eyes with a smooth round face. She smiles at her beloved friend in confidence.

"Let's do this!"

Two of them gets back to their position to try out their powers. Yong-Byeol concentrates on her power, a yellow misty colour flows from her hands. She twirls her fingers around the magic.

"Ok now. We should know how to use powers to defend and fight too. Are you ready?"

Yong-Byeol smirks at her and replies, "I'm always ready, Yun"

      ☆ .・..・゜✭・.・✫・゜・..☆

After an hours of practising they go back home before it gets dark.

"So, what's for dinner, mother?" The lady comes with a plate of chicken and a vegetables.

"Just some healthy foods, my dear," The girls gives a 'o' face and begins digging their food. They compliments how good the food was with mouth full which all of them laughs happily. But not so for so long they will be living happily.

°:.   *₊        ° .   ☆     ☾  °:.   *₊      ° . ° .•

"Your Highness!" The soldier kneels down in front of the Devil King.

The King tells him to stand up and asks, "So... What's the news?"

The soldier being nervous stutters while announcing, "Uhm... Th... They are living in the forest but, we couldn't find any houses Your Highness." The King thinks deeply before he orders the soldier to tell the others to search for the house briefly and bring the woman to the palace.

"Huh... So you are protecting them? I will not let you live happily with them for so long, Sowon." He smirks in a sinister way. He orderorders the soldier to call the Princes to attend the meeting before dawn.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

The five Princes shows up in front of the Devil King as ordered. They bowed before their father tells them to stand.

"So, do you know the reason I called you here?" The five Princes looks at each other and one of the Prince raises his hand.

"Uh... Young-chul tell me!"

"Your Highness! Is it about the coronation for us which is held day after tomorrow?" The Prince who was the eldest from all ask his father. His hair a pitch black colour. Eyes brownish with broad shoulder. He was the strongest and evil than the four Prince.

The Devil King smiles while nodding. "Yes. I was thinking of doing something grant so, I wanted you to go to the village tomorrow with the soldiers and announce the news to all the villagers to attend the coronation no matter what."

The King tells to paste the announcements throughout the village too so, Prince goes out from the meeting to asks one of his guard to ask other soldiers to help him with the pasting in the village tomorrow.

The King turns to the four Princes. "For you, there's nothing but I wanted to tell you that the other Kingdom's Royals are going to attend during the coronation. So, accompany the Princesses, okay?"

The Princes nods their head even though they didn't wanted to. The King signals them to go, as they walks through the hallway.

"Hmm... I don't know why we should accompany with those idiot Princesses.!?" The third Prince exclaims. His purple hair with cyan purple eyes matching his innocent face but not his personality. He was much of a cold to everyone but he was the second 'cold' prince. His handsome face would give every girls to fall for him but he wouldn't even eye them.

"Yeah, Korain." The second Prince Chin-hae agrees with his brother. He was not much a talkative one from the Prince. His blue hair with ocean blue chinky eyes which makes him looks calm but he has a bad temper which most of the people around him fears.

"We don't have anything to do but to agree with the King." The youngest Prince Hyun-ki said. He has a doe brown eyes with greenish hair colour. He was the most loved because of his cuteness but, was very tough to handle his powers when in bad mood.

"Okay, enough of this talk. Let's change the subject. What about we go outside to take some fresh air?" The second youngest Prince Daeshim asks his brothers. He was the nature lovers Prince. His pink hair with cyan red colour eyes. He flirts with any girls he sees which the girls accepts him for his beauty.

All of them goes outside to take some fresh air. They sits on the chair kept outside while gazing at the sky.

"Do you think we will live happy forever?" Prince Hyun-ki ask his three brothers which they just smiles at him nodding their heads.

"We will be happy-" " Princes, it's bedtime now!"

Prince Korain words were cut off when he was trying to assure his brother. All of of them goes back to their own room to sleep.

"-if we get freedom..." He continues what he was going to say to his brother by himself while he lays himself on the bed.


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