Devil's RiseDevil's Rise

Devil's Rise

by Dan_Ryder

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This is the story of a young noble devil within the Xertzul Abyss. Spoiled and dotted on since birth, James is your typical arrogant young master. He bullies and beats anyone he can find with the help of his butler Azon. His good days come to end though when he unlocks a useless Dao and is labeled as trash by his devil clan. With his fall from grace, James has to learn the value of hard work and effort if he ever wants to find his place within the heartless Abyss. This is a true weak to strong story focusing on an evil protagonist. James has no moral compass and is riddled with character flaws that are fixed by his character development. If you want to skip Volume 1's character progression start reading at chapter 69 it is a full recap that allows you to start reading Volume 2. This novel has logical character and strength development while the MC is given very little plot armor to help him along his path. In fact, most of the time the plot actively works against the mc. Volume 2: Seeing no further prospects under the protection of his clan Soulless (James) heads out alone in the cold dark Abyss. More mature themes are explored as the Soulless comes of age as an adult. His hopes, focus, and drive change as he matures through adulthood learning to stand on his own two feet. Mc starts to grow a little OP. Volume 3: Soulless embarks on a quest to the Western Frontier to create his own fief. By now the Mc is Op & Evil Incarnate. Novel Discord: https://discord.gg/52yGSsv

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