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Isabella's pov:

It was a beautiful monday morning. I woke up to the precious sweet voice of my alarm clock singing me to wakefulness. I got out of my bed happily and went to the washroom to get ready for school.

Okay enough I take everything back!

It could have been me if I was not such a lazy ass dreading the monday morning and throwing my alarm clock off the table to just break it and shut it up. Unfortunately my mom happened to enter my room at the very exact moment and caught me red handed murdering my little annoying bitchy alarm clock.

She glared at me and started shouting something in her velvety voice which I didn't quite make out. I was still a sleepy monster yawning and trying to pull my covers over my head which mom was trying to pull off me.

Upon remembering something, I quickly jumped out of bed knowing that the next thing she would do is to throw cold water on me. She didn't hesitate to do it many times before.

Ah such a cruel world!

By the way don't get my shouting mom wrong. Normally she's such a sweetheart and a lovely mom just excuse the morning behavior when she has to get me out of bed forcefully, everyday.

I launched my ass in the washroom giving mom an innocent smile who was now picking up the poor alarm clock from the floor.

Hurriedly I brushed my teeth, took a shower and quickly threw on a nude knitted cropped jumper with a short white skirt. I was getting late otherwise I am really picky in my outfit choices. I have to reject a few clothing items before settling for something to wear.

I also added a pair of rusty brown over the knee boots because I am obsessed with them and also they were going well with my outfit. It's getting quite chilly outside due to winters approaching soon so I didn't want my fragile legs freezing out in Autumn's morning breeze.

I tied up my long brown hairs which are now reaching my waist into a loose low ponytail and put on my usual hazel brown eye contacts which compliment my dark hairs but not my original eye colour. I have been wearing them since I was sixteen because I don't like wearing glasses. Finished my quick beauty session with some mascara and lipgloss and voila, I was ready to face the world.

I came downstairs and saw mom and dad having breakfast and laughing over something. I smiled at them. That just made my day.

We have always been a happy and perfect family. I am their only child and honestly I never felt the need of a sibling because of my two best friends Sandra Collins and Alex Hayden.

Sandra aka Sandi is my childhood friend and how she became my friend is a whole new story. Plus her father and my father are best friends like we are so they both shifted here in America together. Yeah you can call it pure luck for us. I still remember that day when they informed us.

We lived in Australia before and had our own farms, cows and hens. I miss those days. I grew up floating freely in the fresh breeze and running in our farms with Sandi and my other little friends chasing butterflies and ladybirds, making flower's jewelry and eating fresh fruits from our farms. Those days were the best days of my life. I also miss my pets but I will not go into detail because they are too many to mention.

We shifted here because my dad got some job offer from a Businessman who wanted to buy our land. At first dad refused but eventually he accepted it for our better future and a hefty lifestyle. Well I didn't mind our previous one a bit.

It's been two years since we shifted here and almost half a year since we joined this high school which is built a little outside the town not much far away from our houses.

Where we are residing is also included in the town's area but it is called outside town because the inside is packed with millionaires and billionaires who own the companies and industries here. The outer area is where the high post officers of companies reside, including my dad and Sandi's.

Coming to Alex, I met him in school. He is also a millionaire's son but totally different from all the shitty, rude and cocky people coming to our school, mostly children of inside town businessmen. He once helped me carry my stuff and also kicked a boy's ass who tried to touch me in a party. From that day onward we made a trio gang with me, Sandi and Alex. Beside my parents they are those people I never ever want to lose in my life.

"Hi mom, hi dad", I chirped.

"Hi bella darling, you are going to be late again how many times I have to remind you..." my mom started.

"Mommy please not now I have heard that enough times" I said, kissing her's and dad's forehead.

Dad kissed me back and bid farewell to both of us as he was also getting late. No wonder I am his daughter. I giggled.

"Princess don't forget to take an umbrella with you. It may be raining today"...dad told me before exiting the door.

"Okay daddy," I called back loudly.

"Love you." I heard his fading voice.

"Love you too daddy." I whispered back.

I finished my pancakes quickly and said goodbye to mom who was now handing me an umbrella. No matter how late I am I can't leave my breakfast. I am a real foodie.

I left my home and started walking more like running towards my school because as usual I was late.

Sandi was also nowhere to be seen. Ofcourse she had already reached school. She had a test in the first class today. As school is ten minutes walk away from my house so I prefer walking which of course I dread every morning when I am late.

I was in my own little world cursing and accusing Sandi and Alex as being traitors when I heard honking of a car and screeching of tires but as I turned back it was already too late.

I felt something hit my thighs and a pain shoot through my legs. Next few things happened in a daze, me falling hard on the road, scratching my arms and hitting my head. I felt a sharp pain in my head and my vision blurred.

I saw a pair of icy blue eyes running towards me and some other noises but everything blacked as soon as those eyes reached me.

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