1 Chapter one - About me

Chapter One - About Me

My name is Yui Haruto, I was an ordinary guy, I had no special talents or habits. I'm not studying perfectly, but I don't seem to have bad grades. And, although I didn't stand out, I still had good friends at school. But, in high school, I noticed that something had changed in me. It sounds strange, but something incredible started to happen because of me. And this "incredible" was the product of my desires. I will say this: when I wanted something, it was fulfilled. For example: I wanted to get a new phone, but my parents refused, they said that this was enough for me. But, after several weeks, they bought it for me. Parents say that they received the promotion on the same day, and they received a lot of money, because of which they could afford to buy me an expensive phone. And, of course, I realized that something was wrong here. I decided to make another wish, something unusual.

I made a wish in which I want the famous actor to come to my city, from whom all my friends and I, too, are fan. 5 months have passed since I made my wish.. And, after them, the actor said that he was going to arrange a flash mob on the streets of my city. Then I residually realized that I was an unusual person. I began to make many more wishes, and all of them were fulfilled, but when exactly, I did not know. All of them were fulfilled at different times, I thought there was a way to find out, but the more desires were fulfilled, the more I was confused. I realized that their execution time is always different, they can be fulfilled at the time of making up, or it can take several weeks, months or even years. This power was very useful to me, I used it to the full.

And yes, I forgot to say: when I made a wish, my left eye from black was painted in bright red, and the pupil narrowed, becoming like a cat's eye, and it also looked like there were several more in it, and they created a cruciform shape . When the desire was fulfilled, the eye changed color to light blue. Fortunately, people did not see changes in my eye, only me.

As I said earlier, I have had good friends since high school, but most of them became hooligans. They mocked the weak, smoked, rude to the elders and did unacceptable things. We "parted, not even saying goodbye," because they lost what I valued them for. I also forgot to say that I'm a typical otaku: I watch anime, movies, installment in games, etc. And, tochnik, I forgot to say that now I am 17 years old and I almost graduated from school. I think no one will be surprised that I'm tired of studying, all of these exams. How I want to refuse all this, but I understand that if I do this, I will stay for another year and will not become what I want. And you don't really want to sit out for the second year with other people who are one year younger. Not long ago, I became a fan of the Issekai anime genre, it captured something. And I thought: what if I want to get into the unreal world? Typical Middle Ages, filled with magic and riddles. I made myself such a wish.

To be honest after this desire, I think what to do, and I do not know when it will come true.

But I'm sure that it will not come true too quickly, and how it will come true: I will die or I will be transferred through an appeal or in some other funny way. It's very difficult to decide in which direction to develop because of this, so I decided not to give in to one thing and I think that after reading many novels about Isek, it's better to learn a lot of things before the transfer.

Now fast forward to the ordinary day of my boring life. I go to school for ordinary people and this can not but rejoice me, but like all other schools it doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, there are people like "super beautiful girls and dumb pitching or just dumb" that get you or other people because they are bored.

Therefore, from class 8, I decided to be an invisible person, not just invisible to whom they harass, but to those who are not visible in the class at all, not that they were complaining about me in the class or what else.

In my opinion, I just realized very early that life is boring, not just nothing to see, but just the lack of sense of your existence. You study at school, then you do not always go to university for the specialty that you like, you work later, and so it goes on every day of your life, for some it can be boring, for someone it's normal, but I'm lucky that I have such a force and it all changes and I got a new goal in my life.

So, back to school ... On the school grounds, we have a bunch of clubs for various sports and leisure activities. Fortunately, our school has a large territory, so we planted a garden of different trees and flowers.

Every day in breaks I spend time there, you can't even imagine how it relaxes and makes you think alone, sometimes people appear in the garden, but there are not so many of them and they don't even notice me. Lying on the grass and listening to the birds singing I just want to fall asleep and dream about the life that I will have in another world

Fast forward to the class, in our class 30 people.

I think that seventy percent will live a simple life beyond twenty-two percent stupid but "cool" will live on their parents' necks (or they will suffer garbage), three who will achieve something in this life and five percent of the rich who do not teach anything , because their parents will do everything for them (but there are normal ones, but this is rare in the twenty-first century).

I would rather relate to simple people who would live a boring life. I was not very attracted to study perfectly well, but I tried a bit so I wanted to know at least something but not the fact that it would be useful to me or my classmates in this life

I sit on the last desk by the window and most often look at it, see how life goes for all people.

Everyone is rushing somewhere like bees into a hive, and this is rather funny, because for the rich people who rule this world we are just a work force created to enrich them and manage our lives with laws built for their comfort.

But some people realizing this can not do anything. I am glad that I will soon leave this world and be reborn where the power is everything

Although I want to say that not everything in this life is boring, because it has the female half of our world and this cannot but please me.

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To be honest, when I look out the window, I also look attractive girls in my opinion, although most fall into my eyes, but I have not yet found what is called love.

Perhaps this is when it becomes warm in the chest when you look at this person and do not want to take your eyes off the beautiful smile of the girl that you like and you just want to hug her and sit without letting go of her and just enjoy the moment, you don't want anything else in this life.

In my opinion, there is still love for another person, although this may be wrong, but this is what I probably want to feel, but I have never met such a person in my fifteen years of life.

Sitting sometimes in breaks in the class, I watch my classmates w

ho have fun at breaks and do not imagine what a boring life awaits them ahead.

And sometimes I also want to be in their place and not pay attention to the future and live today and have fun with everyone.

But now I have a different goal in life ....

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