1 Chapter 0

Seeing her laughing with her friends is the best thing I witness in this world. Though I'm not the reason while she's smiling, I want to make her laugh but It feels like all I did was to make her sad. I want to see her smile without the pain in her eyes. I want to have a good relationship with her, even I will surrender everything I have right now just to make her happy I will do it. When will the time comes? Is it even possible to make her smile? What should I do? This are the questions I always ask. How come I can't make her happy. I sigh heavily, I dont know what to do anymore. I did everything for her but It feels like everything is useless.

"Mr. Bright, It's time to go." Jian said, my face become serious when I heard him. I nod as an answer.

It's time to go to the venue and give them a inspirational speech. Their principal invited me but she didn't know because I did not tell her. I want to surprise her.

As we came out the door, many students are looking at us shockingly. They didn't expect to see me here, well who would expect to see me in this kind of place. I rarely accept any invitations from elites businessman and so on. The students are screaming crazily.

"O my goodness, Mr. Schiniezel Bright is here in our school. I can't believe it!''

"He's so handsome. "

"I see Mr. Bright in person. I can die!"

"How come Mr. Bright is here. No one told me that he would come" The students said. l just look at them and didn't give any reaction. I often hear rumors about me but I didn't care at all. The only thing I care is Zaiah and how to make her fall inlove with me.

We walk silently without minding the noisy surroundings until we reach the elevator. Waiting for a minute is not a problem but seeing her inside the elevator while her eyes are almost out, she is so cute when shock. I smile inside, it's my first time to see another side of her. I rarely see any reaction from her, glad that I have a chance now. Damn! So hard to hide this happiness, so many eyes are looking at me. As I look at her, there's a question in here eyes like ' What the fuck are you doing here?' I ignore her, look around the elevator before I enter, Jian click the number where the venue is. I sense someones glaring at me, as we reach the floor everyones going out including me. I heard she's saying something to her friends and they continue to walk. She remain in her last position, she make sure that no one is around before look at me and giving a guesture.

"You can go first" I said to Jian before I follow her, as I enter the room she aggressively grab my collar and corner me to the wall. How can be this girl be so strong in her height?

"The hell you doing here?" she said with her low but furious voice, the eyebrows in her eyes are almost one. I respond with my serious tone.

"I miss you that's why I'm here"

"Stop playing Schiniezel, I'm serious! Don't ruin my mood! Don't ruin my day! I already told you that I don't want to see you in my graduation day but look at you! You're here"

"I was invited here" I respond, I grab her waist and shoulder to bring her closer to me. I can smell her scent, I move my face closer to her. I look at her eyes down to nose and stop to lips. I touched her lips causing her panick, she pushed me hard to get away.

"Let me go bastard!" she command as she struggle to get away, she could not get out to my grip, my eyes remained on her lips, I restrain myself to kiss her.

"Happy Graduation!" I greeted in my lower voice, as I tilt my head and slowly close my eyes and part my lips into her. The upper lip is nuzzled between her lips. I slowly and gently doing it until she slipped out of my grasp and slapped me hard.

"I really hate you!" she said before she leave. Her red lips were soft, I could not restrain myself. What the hell I did? Fuck! She's furious, I kissed her without permission. Why the hell did I do that? I force her. The more she hates me the harder for me to make her fall inlove with me because of what I did.

I came back to myself when suddenly my phone rang, I answered it without looking at the screen.

" What? " I answered, I heard the loud noise in the backgroud. It's Jian, maybe he's looking at my right now

"Mr. Bright the ceremony will begin" he respond

"I'll be there" I said and hung the conversation.

I adjusted myself and got serious before leaving the room.

The ceremony already started when I arrived at the venue, I sat at the designated seat for me. I was looking at her the whole time but she never look at me, I didn't receive even glance. She's just looking at the boy giving a speech infront of them. She seemed so proud and happy for him, I look at the man. No wonder why she's so happy. I was suddenly saddened by what I saw. Can she look at me the way She look at him? even once.

I stood up when I was called. I gave them a brief inspirational speech, I did not wait for the ceremony to end.

" Jian, can you buy a flower and present for Zaiah. Give it after her graduation ceremony" I said while on our way to the company.

"Yes Mr. Bright"

Actually, I want to give the present in person but I think she wont be happy to see me there that's why I leave immediately and I don't want to see her with her boyfriend.

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