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Detectives And Secrets


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"How long will it take before he realises that I have the key?" I shook my head as Chris disappeared out of sight leaving me alone. A minute later, a figure started making its way towards me. "Well, that was faster than I expected," I mumbled surprised. I was about to mock him but paused as I realised something. The figure wasn't Chris... . Detective Carla is the best detective in town, so when crimes start springing up at every corner, she knows they are all a conspiracy for one big final crime but the question is; what? Forced to join forces with Secret agent Chris, together they head out to find the mastermind of all this crimes. With many suspicious people and numerous clues, can they find the mastermind before it is too late? or will they fail and be the ones in danger? -Beautiful cover by @meha-k on Wattpad.


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