1 Runaway

Rue closed her door's condo then headed to the elevator.  While she's inside the elevator she feel someone's presence but she just ignore it and rolled her eyes.

The elevator's door open then she walks in the parking lot to find her car and the aura still follows her. 'I can't even stand with his presence' Rue utter on her mind

❝It's too early to spy me❞ Rue said annoyed.

❝I'm not spying you, Amra summon me for your own safety❞ The aura said then show his visibility. His sitting at the back of the car, on the left side. So that Rue can see his face clearly

❝I can handle myself and I don't need your fvcking protection, get out on my car.❞ Rue said calmy and trying to hold her tempter

❝I only follow what Amra told me. Are you my Amra? You're just his daughter ❞ He said looking at the side mirror then smirk that made Rue more annoyed

❝You idiot! For your information, I'm just his daughter that will kill you if you'll not get out on my car!❞ Rue shouted and glares at him on the side mirror

❝Hahahaha it's Jin, your Highness❞ Jin said then vanished. 'How many times he'll say his fvcking name!? I'm so annoyed with his name!' Rue said frustratedly on her mind

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He's Jin, the gurdian of the underworld and demon caster. He is a Demon, the Demon that Rue's father summon to protect and watch her in the world of the mortals.

'Why father didn't send one of our servante instead of that freaking demon!? I can't even command him unless it's Amra's order'


Amra - king

Servante - servant (can't think of any lol)

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