1 episode 1

The screen opens with Conan with everybody in the Professor Agasa's house.

"So, the antidote?" asked Suzume.

"Done, are you sure, you want to give up the life of being a child so soon?" Dr. Green asks Suzume.

"Yes, as much as I love this, I want to be me again. Besides I keep getting fifty phone calls from my agents", said Suzume.

"Are you going leave, afterwards?"Professor Agasa asks Suzume.

"Unfortunately, I will, but it shouldn't matter. I caused too much chaos here, so you shouldn't miss me at all, besides we just met", Suzume pointed out.

"You don't believe that do you?" Ran asks, looking like she's going to cry. "After all, you did help Shinichi and I, to be honest, i'll miss you".

"That's sweet, maybe my surprise will help you put a smile on your face", said Suzume.

"What?" asked Ran.

"I'm going to stay, and quit my acting career, now if you don't mind, Mr. Daniel can you get me some new clothes from out of the limousine?" smiled Suzume.

"Okay", said Mr. Daniel.

Suzume walked up to Conan, and says "I guess this will be the last day, I see Conan Edogawa".

"No, I'm going to stay like this for two days", Conan stated.

"What?" Everybody gasped.

"I realized that i'm going to miss this part of me, I can't believe i'm saying this, but I actually like being Conan Edogawa, a child genius that was secretly helping the police; it's actually been fun", Conan admitted.

"So, you realized, what somebody already knew", Suzume smiled, looking at Ran.

"Are you still going to change back so quick, I still have questions, while you're little?" asked Conan.

"Okay, you got ten minutes", said Suzume.

"Wait, where are you going?" asked Ayumi.

"The place, where it all began, I heard that it's open now", said Conan.

Ran realized, where Conan means, and says "All of us, now?"

"Yeah! Isn't that the best place to say, goodbye to a friend", Conan nodded.

"Why?" asked Suzume.

"It's also for me, to spend time with Ran as Conan", said Conan.

Ran hugged Conan, and says "I'll admit, i'll miss you, Conan Edogawa; even though I thought you as a kid, I also thought of you as a little brother".

"I care about you too, as Conan and as Shinichi", said Conan.

"Are you sure, you want to give this up? Getting hugs everyday like this and you get to live the life as a child", Suzume jokes.

"I understand, I thought about this for a while, and I think this is the best idea", said Conan.

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