1 Reincarnation and things

There I am floating on what seems too be an endless void but I wonder tho is it really endless? I mean how far does it stretch, Does it go on endlessly with out end and if it has no end the how did it begin.

"welll whatever it's not like I care but I gotta keep my brain active so I don't go insane in here"

anyway if this is the endless void then going by the pattern of the fanfics I've read, I should be meeting R.O.B in a couple of seconds....




or minutes ?





1050 years later




Hmm shame no R.O.B, well this sucks and all those fanfics lied to me. I suppose it's my own fault for being delusional and believing in fiction, but nothing in my life was interesting and living wasn't exactly fun so I guess truck-kun came at the right moment for me. "loneliness ain't something new but spending eternity in the void alone is refreshing."

"Wow that's a optimistic outlook on the void"

"Ah so you decided to show yourself, where the hell have you been. Shit felt longer that waiting for my friend to catch up to one piece"

I say to the being I assume is R.O.B, not gonna Lie I always imagined him as a bearded old man but he looks like to be around my age.

"I am eternally 20 years old, perks of being a GOD level being. Anyways let's get this over with you got wishes, specifically 3 wishes use them wisely"

So says R.O.B

hhmm wishes let's see... funny how I always new what to wish for if ever given the chance but now that I actually have a chance am drawing a blank.

let's start of simple but overpowered.

"okay first wish I want the power of destruction from DBS and make it as powerful as grand zeno"

I don't whether this over kill or not but, R.O.B didn't set any limits so Meh.

"All right granted anything else?"

Grand zeno is pretty OP and I think his strength should be more than enough for the world I plan to go to so power wise I should be alright now I should pick a power that mid tier in strength so that I won't rely on my power of Destruction too much coz Oneshoting niggas ain't fun.( A/N: I'm black so I can use that word)

"Give me all elemental manipulation like the Avatar and for the third wish I want instant mastery of all my powers and techniques the moment I arrive in the world I wanna be sent to"

I thinks those are pretty safe choices power wise And I don't think I'll wanna learn any new techniques coz am too lazy for that.

"Alright then that was quick, Transmigration or reincarnation?"


"Alright, which world?"

"Highschool DxD"

"I take it you gonna create a harem?"

"nothing much just 5 girls in total"

" I see you aren't as horny as the other guys, which timeline do you want?"

"a year before the canon starts, oh can you give me white hair and silver eyes"

" you aren't gonna change your face?"

"I'm not that insecure about my looks so no"

I never really get how many people wishedt o be handsome, I mean I get the appeal of being handsome but I think a complete change of ones appearance Is a betrayal to their roosts or origin and I happen to like the face that my Mom and dad gave me.

"all right the Off you go"

and with that my soul form starts to slowly disappear as I bow and give thanks to the being that gave me this chance I will forever be grateful.


I say not exactly capturing my gratefulness but I was never one for emotional speeches.

"Yeah see ya"

he responds and I completely disappear from the void.






I utter as I look around me and see that I am in an unfamiliar room, hmm I thought it was gonna be in the typical forest. sitting up and looking to my sides and I see a letter.

"I wonder who's it from"

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