Destiny, TaisaDestiny, Taisa

Destiny, Taisa

by 130204T

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First day of college? Check Getting into trouble? Check Finding some asshole who's very hot to look at? Check Having a crush on a cute boy? Che... Wait, Belle! Why describe him as cute? He is anything but Cute Finding myself? Ha! More like confusing myself Drunk talking to the wrong person? check*1000 Oh hey, that's me and my friends, marking our college checklist! College was supposed to be my escape, and chance to find myself. But all I ended up doing is confusing myself even more. My past, future, present everything seems to be a lie. But that doesn't mean I can't have an awesome college year with friends and a boyfrie... let's not talk about that. It's just my luck! All the high school drama I escaped is now being faced by me during college. A normal girl or so she believed crosses paths with the vampire prince. Of Course, it wasn't that simple. Is anything ever? With everyone out to destroy she has no idea whom to trust. With her heart being alive suddenly because of a lavender-eyed, golden blond- haired hooligan (or should i call him beauty). Continue with me on a journey filled with paranormal activities and how a normal or not so normal girl's life changes... To the better or worst? Only time will tell. Enjoy reading! 

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