Destiny of Inseparable Souls Book

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Destiny of Inseparable Souls


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Anuradha, the pampered little princess and most favoured child of the Goenka family never had to face the hardships and the cruelties of the world thanks to her 3 daring, overprotective brothers. But what happens when her path crosses with an equally spoilt but unloved devilish prince, Randeep Singh Rathod. Will she finally make a choice between her family and her destiny? "How deep is your love for me", he asked. "Its too deep that we both can drown in it", she chuckled. "When you have to chose between me or the most precious thing in your life, whom will you chose? ", he asked again. "I will chose the most precious thing and that will no doubt be you", she anwered without thinking twice and embraced him wholeheartedly.


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