Destiny Dreams & Demons
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Destiny Dreams & Demons


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What is Destiny Dreams & Demons

Destiny Dreams & Demons is a popular web novel written by the author Jessie_D_Davis, covering FANTASY, ROMANTIC, PAGAN, PSYCHLOGICAL THRILLER, GODDESSES AND DEMONS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 33.9K readers with an average rating of 4.92/5 and 10 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Abby is a normal, young woman in her late-twenties. She has a wonderful husband, a beautiful home and a normal life except for one thing. The dreams that are taking over her life. Her dreams of a woman named Laylan and the beautiful, exotic world in which she lives. As Abby shares the details of her dreams with her husband, Josh, they become more frequent and more extreme. And then one day tragedy strikes and her whole world is turned upside down and she begins to see visions of another woman. A woman named Drusilla. As her dreams of Laylan become even more redundant and her visions of Drusilla become painfully realistic, she begins to wonder. Are these women indeed just characters from her imagination? Or do they actually exist? Are these dreams and visions? Or are they memories of these incredibly different women’s lives? And if so, why is Abby seeing them? Could there possibly be more than she realizes?


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I can't put it down!! I'm not a big reader I'm more into gaming although this has kept my attention and has had me very intrigued. It's well written in detail that I feel as I'm right next to Abby or I am Abby and I am the one living it. I can very easily picture everything. I love it and am so excited to continue the journey.


Awesome, so far, great, descriptive details. I felt like I was there. Love the character developments, so far. Can't wait until the next chapter!


WOW!! I couldn't put this book down!! It drew me in with a beautiful magical world and then pulled me into a darker, twisted plot!!! The beauty of Laylan and her world, the mystery of everything as it is revealing itself, and the amazing story telling is out of the world!!! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone!!! Oh, wait, I have!!!


The story is incredible, loving the fantasy world of Laylan and Lucassius. The relationship of Josh and Abby is adorable. I am wondering what is going on and can't wait until I can find out the rest of the story.


This is compelling and beautiful. The author brings it all to life. The characters are wonderful and I can't wait to see what happens next!


This author has put her whole heart and soul into this work. You can feel it while you’re reading it. The love and care that she has in handling her characters and developing story is apparent. I remember when this was just a conversation of a lovely and inspiring reoccurring dream. It grew into a whole rich and vast world since then and I can’t wait to see all the landscapes and the adventure that awaits in them!


Thank you, Everyone, for your support and love. I will keep them coming. Feel free to comment any suggestions or criticisms in chapter reviews that it applies to. Again, Thank You!


I only read the first 3 chapters so far but the story is interesting, pretty unique and well written. Lots of detailed description. I will read more for sure!


I only have read 5 chapters so far, but, the writing quality is amazing, I love how you don't get lazy deeper into the story. The stability of your updates is reasonable considering the amount of effort you put into each chapter. The small fluff moments between Abby and Josh got me dying. (I ship it!) (Sorry if my review was sucky.)


Books in which dreams play important role to heroes always have this special vibe to them. This one also has it. It's amazing. I really liked Abby's character. Not really some bff material (at least for me) but I like the way she's created. She has this SOMETHING, the soul, the personality. This is an amazing work. Keep it up author!


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