Destined with werewolf : Lakota tribe Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Destined with werewolf : Lakota tribe


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The thunder sound awakes me and I realize that my whole body soaking in water. Gosh, the tent is half with water and I might past out real deep. I had to got out of the tent and with a sight, I’m still wondering as a 25 year old girl, who believes my Nana story, and was searching for the truth of my life. …….the howl sound makes my adrenaline to rush. Before I could reach the wood I kept, a huge white beast jumped on me and my head thudded real hard. “Leave me alone! I don’t need your help!” The deep blue eyes started at me with its teeth grinning towards me. The smell of the wet fur with mud runs to my nose. I struggled to move but the huge paws hold each of my hand and I can feel the heat of its breath towards my face. The silent between us broke when the sound of thunder hits again. Its eyes out of sudden turns so warm as if I knew it for long and loved…..”What is this strange feeling I had for it”. I felt dizzy as my vision blurred again and I can feel the thing carried me with its two arms, strong arms, and it seems to smell nice. …………….Your mine and only mine as we are destined to be together since seven births, my princess from the lakota tribe...........


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