Destined to be a Black Pen Book

novel - Fantasy

Destined to be a Black Pen


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When Russel Ferrer celebrated his early accomplishments as a writer, he was suddenly hit by a car and died on the spot. Russel was full of regrets for not finishing the last chapter of his best-selling book series. Using the last strength that he had, Russel wished for a miracle to happen and let him write his story for the last time. Gian Cres Val, the youngest son of Marquis Cres Val, has a weak and feeble body. He can't be a promising leader just like his father or be like his brother who is the leader of Red Tiger Knights. He can only stay inside their mansion most of the time and read all the books displayed in their library. But what they didn't know was that Gian has a secret. Gian Cres Val had traveled back in time. Gian now has the knowledge of what will happen in the future. And with the help of the Goddess of Destiny and Fate, Gian will possess a mysterious pen that can communicate with him. Returning in time, Gian plans to change the fate of his family. Reincarnated as a pen, Russel plans to write his novels again and make sure to write its ending. Bond with a twist of fate, Russel and Gian will help each other to accomplish what they need to do.

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