7 Vampire magic (Julia)

So, this is what he intended when he said he didn't want my blood. He wanted to say that he didn't desire only the blood.

His tongue is in my mouth, doing pretty much whatever he wants. His left arm is around my waist, and the right hand is pulling my hair lightly, keeping my head still.

After a while, I stretch out my hands and fasten them around his neck. Seeing that he's not troubled by my move, I gasp relieved and close my eyes.

I never thought that being kissed by a stranger could be this nice. I feel warm all over, and my stomach is tingling. His lips are soft, like chocolate mousse.

The weirdest thing is that I know that he likes it as well. I feel it.

His emotions hit me at waves, as I suppose do mine with him. There's some sort of sharing, a telepathic link between us. I can't quite grasp the extent of it, but he can't read my mind this way.

I moan when his teeth sink in my lower lip, but I don't push him back. He sucks the blood greedily, and my lips start to tingle.

Even now, our minds are firmly divided. Only our bodies react to each other, and our souls are in resonance.

When he kisses me again, I sense the taste of my own blood. My lower lip is numb, but I manage to reply to the kiss in some way.

It's stronger than me: something is guiding my body to lean against him; my tongue to lock with his; my fingers to sink in his hair, and my lungs to sigh in search of air.

I don't know if this is part of the vampire's magic, but I can't split from him. His thirst is intensified by something, but he doesn't dare to bite me again. He focuses on kissing me, this time with the clear intent of making me forget about myself.

I have felt this warmth every time he touched me, even though his skin is cool. I couldn't move my eyes away, even when he was not watching me.

I was prepared for all of this when I came here, but I didn't think that I would fall prey to one of them after barely a day. Now I understand why the hunters warned us so many times.

After falling into this sweet trap, it's impossible to pull away. I shouldn't have looked Leo in the eyes; I shouldn't have allowed him to touch me.

At least, it comes with a price. Even if he uses all of his magic on me, he won't let me die until he doesn't get bored of me.

«Do... Do we have a contract now?» I ask when Leo splits from me, my breath short, and the blood drowned from my face.

«No, but if you tell Amadeus about this, he's going to punish me.»

Has Amadeus forbidden vampire magic in all its forms? Or is Leo referring to the bite of before? Can it even be considered a bite?

He had a few drops of blood only before the wound closes.

«What about signing one now?» I propose half-doubting. Maybe, I'm being too proactive, but I can't let this chance go.

«What do you want in exchange?»

«Protection. If you let me live using your name to scare away threats, I'll let you do whatever you want.»

«People don't get bitten, you know? There are other ways to give blood. A bite is an intimate thing.»

A bite given through a kiss must be even more intimate. But it's too late to think about these details.

«Well, it's more pleasant, isn't it? I know how you feel. When you bit me, you shared your feelings with me.»

I pass my tongue on the spot he bit, and his eyes follow my action with too much interest for such an aloof expression.

«I know what you want to do, and it's okay.»

«It's not okay; it's dangerous.»

«You won't kill me. You have self-control, right?» I challenge him.

«I'm not unmistakable. And I don't like the thought that you would do such a thing just to survive.»

«We shared our feelings both ways. Don't pretend to not have noticed.»

He seems to think about it for a few seconds, and then he concedes.

«I won't bite you on the neck, and you won't tempt me. Understood?»

I nod, relieved that I've finally obtained something from this long negotiation. Or better said, from this plea.

A contract is exactly what I need right now. It's just better if it comes with hot kisses attached. Even though I was just bitten, I don't feel any dizziness. On the contrary, I haven't felt this good in a while.

«You will do whatever I tell you when I tell you,» Leo says.

«Don't I already do that?»

«Don't get too close with anybody else,» he finishes, and I lift my brows, surprised.

Well, I guess they are territorial.

«What are your conditions?» he asks, then.

«Oh, don't kill me,» I try. «And don't let the others kill me.»

«Just that?»

«I don't have the power to state any other condition. I can't resist your power, as you just saw.»

«I wasn't doing anything,» he utters, on defence. «I didn't use hypnosis.»

As if I could believe him just yet.

«It means that I'm a weirdo, then,» I shrug. «The teachers told us that you attract people of the opposite sex with some kind of...»

«That's nonsense.»

«Oh,» I utter and look to the side. «So, I am a weirdo.»

Or he uses some magic without realising it.

Hmm, does it mean that the other girls around desire to touch him like this? Does he kiss them too, after breaking their will with these charms of his?

«You said that you couldn't resist. What do you mean, exactly?» Leo asks, analysing my expression.

«I don't know, but I liked the kiss very much.»

«And now? How do you feel now?»

«All right. I don't want to jump on you anymore.» He must have finished his tricks, right?

Leo blinks, trying to understand whether I'm joking or not.

«Me neither,» he affirms, in the end.

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A few drops of blood were enough to soothe his thirst? Odd.

What's stranger, though, is that I was feeling the same up to a moment ago. Is this some sort of empathy?

«Let's try again!» he whispers and drags me in his arms once more.

This time, I don't feel the heat of the first time.

It's pleasant, and he knows how to kiss, but it's just that. The connection I felt with him is so bland, but it's still there. And he's not thirsty, indeed.

I thought that his hunger would have taken all my blood to soothe, not just a drop or two.

«No, this time is normal,» Leo mutters, splitting for just a second.

He kisses my neck, moving down slowly.

«I don't even want to bite you anymore...» he continues in a whisper.

He bites me, light, without cutting my skin. The fangs have retracted, so there's no need to stay vigil. His tongue leaves a wet trace, and his hands start moving on my back.

«See?» he breathes.

I moan, thrilled by his light touch and tender kisses.

If he doesn't feel anything weird, why is he still doing this?

«Can you let me go, then?» I ask in a low voice. My tone is reluctant, as I'd like to stay like this a minute or two more.

Instead of listening to me, Leo's hand squeezes my butt, and he chuckles next to my ear.

«You just signed a contract. Don't you remember, already?»

I open my eyes half-way and stare at him, doubting.

Now that I'm back to normal and I can think straight, I realise that we are quite close. It doesn't feel half bad, but we just met. It's a bit of a rush, isn't it?

He's taking advantage of his charms to do something that isn't fully useful. I can provide him with blood; there's no need to do this as well.

Not the second day we met, for goodness.

«I remember,» I reply. «But this is maybe too fast.»


«No, I'm just reminding you that I'm human. We don't do this kind of things with people we don't know. It's awkward.»

«You feel awkward?» he frowns.

«No, not really.»

«So, this much is fine?»

I take a step back and look at him, confused.

How do I know if it's fine?

It's not like I have any dating experience. Though, this can't be considered dating: it's a contract.

I rub my face with a hand and sigh, finally regaining rationality. My feelings have lost their compass.

«I apologise for breaking a clause of the contract,» I whisper and look down at the tip of my shoes. «I won't do it again.»

Leo chuckles and rubs my head, scoffing my hair. His bright smile is more charming than ever, and he said it's not because of some vampire magic.

«I was joking,» he reveals, and I crook my mouth.

I don't really believe in his words, but at least he's not raging right now.

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