19 The right side (Julia)

Leo's friends are all so interesting. To be sincere, I didn't think he had any.

There were two vampires at the table, a human and a hybrid. The female vampire had a weird look, and I could sense her dangerous aura. I think she tried to mess with my mind, but I can't be sure.

I'm not that good with sensing powers. I hope I'll get better, or surviving may become hard.

I guess that Leo hasn't found a room for me since he told me to sleep here tonight. I hope I won't be far from here, though. It could become bothersome if I have an attack while he's not with me.

«I have something to do,» he utters while collecting the papers from his desk and moving them on the lower table in front of the sofa. «You can go sleeping.»

I nod and look at the bed. After considering which side to lie on, I turn towards Leo.

«Can I sleep on the left?» I ask.

It doesn't really matter, but I'm afraid I will roll in my sleep towards there. I'm starting to suspect that I'm drawn by Leo's presence. So, his pillow and the spot he uses feel so comfortable.

«Do what you want,» he answers without moving his eyes from the papers.

«Aren't you going to soothe your thirst tonight?»

«I can't bite you two days in a row.»

«Then tomorrow?»

«If you're healthy, we can talk about it.»

«You make it sound like I'm the one asking for it,» I complain, and he turns to me.

«Isn't that the case?» he inquires. «I won't need blood for two days at least. Why are you offering yourself so persistently?»

«I'm worried about you,» I lie. I already know that Leo can sense my mood, but there's no way I'll admit that I want to do that again.

We've been alone in a room for almost an hour now, but I'm still feeling all right. Is the link already weakening?

«There are other fun things we can do without blood involved,» Leo whispers, and I straighten my back instinctively.

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I should retreat while I still am conscious of my actions because there's no way to run away from the link once it's triggered. Yet, I sit on the bed and glance at Leo with an alluring gaze.

«I see,» he breathes, passing his eyes on my exposed legs. «But I'm not interested in indecisive little girls.»


«You'll tempt me like this, and then you'll back away at the crucial moment.»

Ah, so that's it. I can't say I didn't do that, but I wasn't doing it on purpose. It was the bound's fault.

«Sometimes, I think I shouldn't pay that much attention to your consent.»

«I agree,» I utter before realising it. My stomach starts tingling once again, and the lungs ache.

It was time, already. How much did it take today? I look at the clock and compute how long we've been in here... An hour and fifteen minutes.

«You agree to what, exactly?» he continues, not paying any attention to the bound. He's more sensitive than me, so he probably knew it was coming, even before me.

«What do you want me to agree with?» I stutter, half excited and half confused.

Leo chuckles, and I hug my legs and try to focus on breathing.

When I lift my eyes, he's looking at me with a satisfied look.

«You're learning how to bear it,» he notes.

How to bear it? My muscles had started aching, even though I managed to calm my heart down. I still feel suffocating, but at least I know it's just an illusion. I'm breathing as always.

«You deserve an award,» he continues while getting up.

I gulp and try not to let his words get to me but, when his hand moves my hair away from my face, I've already lost half of my rationality.

He bends down and kisses my lips. His hand is keeping my head still so that I can't move.

I fasten my arms behind his neck and try to drag him back with me, but he's stronger.

When he splits from me, my condition doesn't improve one bit. Every single inch of my skin has goosebumps, and my bones are aching. Plus, the heartbeat increased again. This last one is Leo's fault, so he shouldn't leave me here alone to suffer.

He caresses my cheek, smiling tenderly.

«This is the expression I wanted to see,» he reveals in a whisper.

«Then can you help me now?» I ask.

The grin on his face becomes wider, but he doesn't move.

«Please?» I add when I understand that he wants to be convinced.

He sits on the bed, right next to me, and observes me closely.

«You know,» he starts. «You don't need to wait for me to make the first move. You can do it if you're suffering this much.»

«I can't assault you without permission.»

«I'm giving you permission.»

I look at him, surprised. My hands have already reached his shirt, as there's nothing on my path anymore. I'm not afraid to be a bother since Leo admitted himself that I can do this.

I sit astride on his lap and kiss his neck.

«Good girl,» he mutters while caressing my back as if I was a purring cat.

I start to unfasten the buttons on his shirt while my reason dies once and for all.

«It's not going to be relieved with just kisses, this time,» he explains. «Or we would already have felt better.»

I stop kissing his skin and look at him. I draw his facial features with my finger. His skin is cool, and his eyes have darkened.

I haven't felt this loss even after drinking alcohol.

I need twice the time to understand his words or make a decision, but Leo waits for me with patience.

«We have a contract,» I remind him when I can form a whole sentence. «You just have to tell me what you want, and I'll do it.»

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