25 Of the perfect size (Julia)

Leo is warm after drinking blood, even if it isn't my blood.

I don't like this, but at least he didn't need to bite Dafina. There was all that complicated procedure, and he drank the blood from a wooden cup. Now, he's full of energy.

He leans the bags on the sofa when we enter the room, and his smile doesn't falter while reaching his desk, ready to work.

I sit on the armchair and pour a glass of water.

«Are you all right?» he asks me.

«Yes.» Why is he suspecting?

«You haven't talked much.»

«We spend together twenty-four hours a day. Do you expect me to talk for the whole time?»

«No,» he says, raising his brows. «But it's not like you. Are you feeling unwell? Or is it about the bond?»

«Never felt better. What about you?»

«Good.» He shrugs. «But I did feel better.»

I stare at him, waiting for clarifications that do not come.

«Aren't you curious about the clothes anymore?» he continues.

Oh, I'm not sure. What if there is a pyjama there? I won't have any excuse to wear Leo's t-shirt.

I open one of the bags and take out a set of skirts and trousers. Oh, at least I'll be comfortable with these... There is also sportswear so that I can use mine while training.

There is everything a girl needs, for real. Dafina didn't lie about that.

Even underwear. Most of it is comfortable, made of cotton and in pastel shades. On the bottom of the bag, though, I find a couple of sets of black lace. And one red.

Oh, my! Why did she make these? What does she think I do here?

My favourite piece of clothing is a cotton dress. It's comfortable, and the fabric is black with flowers of different kinds on it.

I don't have much to do now, so I might as well try everything and see how I look in it.

I collect a couple of the bags and run into the bathroom. Everything is of the perfect size.

Too bad the mirror in the bathroom is too little. It was thought to be used for the face, not full-body... There is one hanging from the wardrobe's door. But that means walking out and letting Leo see before me.

He's working. I shouldn't distract him.

I'll be as silent as I can.

I open the door and walk on tiptoe to the wardrobe. I look at myself with attention, checking that all the details of the dress are in place.

I bend down to hide one of the socks in the shoe. When I get up and look in the mirror, I wince, noticing Leo next to me.

Vampires do get reflected in mirrors!

Ah, no, the real issue is: when did he get so close? I haven't sensed his presence at all... It's like having a panther behind you, gazing at you with intensity.

I look at him through the mirror, and he walks closer until he can lean his hands on my hips. His head bows down, and he sniffs the area around my neck for a few seconds.

He just had some blood. Why is he like this so soon? Not that I'm complaining, but it's weird.

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«I like this dress,» he murmurs to my ear, and I spot his fangs on the mirror. His hands move up, reaching the waist. «It makes me wonder how you would look without.»

«You already know that,» I start, but then I remember that I tried the red lingerie. Not even the black one. I opted for red.

What will Leo think if he raises the dress? Oh, that would be just too embarrassing. I wasn't thinking of this possibility. I was just curious if lace can be comfortable as cotton.

It can't, by the way. I prefer soft underwear.

«I might want to remember better,» he continues. Oh, is this the bond or his natural charm? Somehow, I'm not that unwilling to let him...

«No!» I exclaim, loud and clear.

He blinks, and then he takes a step back.

«I'm sorry,» he says, this time with his normal tone.

I turn to look at him without any reflection in between. He's scratching his hair with one hand while the other is in a pocket. His eyes are looking at the floor until he raises them to look at my eyes.

«I don't know what happened to me,» he explains. «I'm not usually like this...»

«Maybe, I'm the one making you lose your mind,» I comment with a cunning grin.

«That's for sure.»

I bite my tongue before saying something even worse. It's better to just retreat and wear ordinary clothes. And get rid of the laced underwear as soon as possible.

«I like the dress, though,» he finishes before turning and walking back to his desk. «It fits you well.»

«Better than your clothes?»

His back straightens all of a sudden, and he turns his head just enough to let me hear his words. He doesn't dare to look at me, but the light threat in his voice is enough to make me take him seriously.

«We'll talk about it after I finish with work,» he says.

A familiar, warm feeling crosses my belly, and I clench my legs together in fear to fall down. My heart starts racing, and Leo understands the effect of his words.

«Are you okay?» he asks, this time turning and observing my face.

I'm trying to free my neck from the dress to breathe with ease, but it's not helpful.

«I'm sorry,» I say. «I shouldn't have talked like that...»

«Do you want my help?» he inquires, crossing his arms. I just rejected him. Will he accept me if I asked?

«Only if you're willing to help,» I reply.

«I will be willing the moment you admit you desire me.»

He won't come here to help me, so I don't have any other choice than to be the one approaching him.

«Do not get ahead of yourself,» I murmur before landing a peck on his cheek. «And I need to learn how to bear with this, either way...»

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