14 How to make blood sweeter (Leo)

After talking with Amadeus and drawing a part of the map of the hunter's base, Julia seems rather tired.

«Do you want to have dinner in the canteen?» I ask her.

She nods, and I show her the way.

I thought she was too tired for this, but she just follows me in silence.

In the last few hours, she tested my patience so many times.

Firstly, she begged me not to kill her. She even mentioned the contract, as if something like that could stop me if I even had the intention.

She must have misunderstood when I grabbed the knife from Amadeus' hand, and I felt offended by it. Still, I can't really blame her. I understand why she was scared.

Secondly, she had looked at me with her big eyes when Amadeus informed her that I felt way worse than she does.

I didn't want her to know that, even when she calmed down, I had other urges that pressed me.

Her glance had so many questions, and she wondered how I managed to resist.

Lastly, she forgot about her doubts, and she teased me with that pretty face of hers. She rolled a lock of hair around her finger, and she said that she wouldn't let me endure on my own.

I'll let her see for herself what her words mean as soon as we are alone. For now, I pretend not to think about it.

I reach my usual table, and she sits in a corner, to my right side. Good, this way I can protect her in case of incidents.

«Do you like this food?» I ask, just to fuel some conversation. It's a stupid question because she has almost finished her portion.

She nods without stopping to eat. Ah, right. Humans have meals thrice a day... How bothersome.

«Are you tired?»

«I'm starting to get used to living during the night,» she says.

She observes the cake with a keen eye, and then she takes a spoon. She smiles when the chocolate melts in her mouth.

«This is delicious!» she exclaims. «And so sweet!»

«Do you like sweets?»

«I do!» she says and finishes the cake in a couple of bites.

«Hey, hey! What do we have here?» a voice shouts from the distance. I turn reluctantly towards Josh and glare at him.

«This girl is a human,» he notices and sits down in front of me. «What is she doing with you?»

I snort, annoyed, and lean back on the chair.

«What do you care, Josh?»

«She's pretty. Will you keep her with you?»

Julia moves her eyes on the new guy and observes him with caution. She sips some water, not bothered by his words.

«Why are you asking? Are you interested in her?» I utter, sure that she will now turn to me with a wounded expression.

Good girl, this is how you should react when people target your blood.

I smile at her, and she moves her gaze back to the empty plates. Her heartbeat is slightly quickened, and she's now listening with attention.

«Why do I feel like it's a trap?» Josh inquires.

Damn it, it's not for you, the trap! Just play along already...

I sigh and offer my cake to Julia in a sign of peace. She accepts it and starts to eat, but she's not enjoying it one bit. She's still worried.

«Too bad,» I finish. «I guess you're not that interested after all...»

She sighs, relieved, and I can't hide a grin.

«Why are you messing with her?» Josh asks while leaning his head on a hand. «Did you become cruel during the night?»

«Something like that,» I nod.

I didn't become cruel during the night, but I've found out that I like listening to her heartbeat's changes. It calms me down more than anything else.

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«Are you feeding her sweets so that her blood tastes better?» he mumbles, and I glare at him again.


Of course not! It's just that she sighed so peacefully while she ate cake.

Unfortunately, Julia heard my words as well. I know because she's not scared anymore. Yet, her heartbeat didn't slow down.

Will she figure out that I'm messing with her? However, it's her fault. She's the one that started it.

«We've finished,» I utter and get up before other bothers have time to come my way. «Let's go.»

She strolls after me, and I can't keep silent anymore.

«Why do you always walk a step behind me?» I ask her.

She winces, surprised.

«Because I don't know the way,» she utters. «And I don't want to bother you with my presence.»

«I can sense you even when I don't see you, Julia.»

«Should I walk by your side?»

«Yes, that's what I'm trying to say. Having someone behind is annoying.»

«I'm sorry.»

I nod and wait until she reaches me. Then, we walk to the room side by side. This is better. I can look at her more often, this way. Why didn't I think of it sooner?

Ah, right, I was busy figuring out what's happening.

When we reach the room, she turns straight to the bathroom and whispers: «I'm going to take a shower.»

«No,» I stop her and catch her wrist. I drag her towards the bed. «Better after.»

«After what?» she voices, confused.

I surround her waist with an arm and block her chin with my fingers. I rub my lips against hers until she opens her mouth and lets me kiss her.

She's bad at kissing. She doesn't know what to do. Still, I unexpectedly like it.

It's different from this night when the bound had driven her crazy. Now, she's a bit clumsy and uncertain. It must be because she's still not used to me.

I slip my hand under her clothes, caressing her bare back.

She thrills and takes a step back, splitting from me and hugging herself protectively.

«You said you wouldn't let me endure it alone,» I sentence with an evil grin. «Are you taking back your words?»

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