16 Exclusive prey (Leo)

When I touched her down there, she instinctively tried to lock her legs. If she reacts like this even while under the influence of the bond, she must really be timid.

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Yet, she said that she was just surprised. I'm curious to see if she'll react like that for a second time, but I don't want to bother her.

I wonder how she would react without any soulmate crap going on. Maybe, we'll see in a few months. For now, I'm really amused by what I've found out.

That lover of hers didn't teach her anything: not even how to kiss. Still, she's clearly doing her best to appease me.

I would feel like a beast if I took advantage of her right now. I've already had enough blood for a while, so I can finally think properly. Having control over my actions means that I'll have to be the one deciding to stop: Julia has crossed the line of reason.

I can probably calm her down faster if I touch her body, but I'm not sure how the soulmate bond works. What if it becomes worse after it as drugs work? Then, soothing our desires will require more work each time.

Even though I used all my willpower to set that thought in my mind, my hand finds its way to Julia's belly. I caress her with caution, moving up. At the same time, I kiss her half-opened lips. I look for her tongue and force her to kiss me back.

Only when I'm sure she's getting more comfortable with me, I slip my fingers under her bra and squeeze her breast delicately. She gasps but doesn't stop kissing me.

Her bosom is warm and soft. I'd like to touch it some more, but I've just decided to stop here. Damn it, why isn't she yelling to get my hands off? Wasn't that how virgins behave?

I can't wait for this link to get weakened, to see how she'd act in normal conditions. Will she clench the sheets so tightly? Will her heart still beat excited before a bite?

«It's enough for today,» I murmur when my thoughts begin to wander towards forbidden lands.

«Are you fine?» she inquires, not convinced to the fullest.

I nod.

«Then can you let go?» she utters, blushing. I notice only now that my hand is still on her chest.

I retreat to my side of the bed and lie down. I don't get under the sheets but just fold my arms behind the neck. Julia observes me for a few seconds and then covers her body with the blanket. She turns to one side and closes her eyes.

I need a few minutes to realise why she's looked at me in that odd way. I lay down on the side I usually use.

The first time I leaned the sleeping girl on the bed, I put her down on the right side. In her slumber, she rolled to the other side and hugged the pillow as if it was a lifeboat. I didn't pay any attention to it at that moment, but she has always laid down on the left side from then on.

I didn't ask her to change sides: I'm not that petty. And it's not like I have such a strong preference.

Still, I went back to the left without thinking. Julia must have figured it out on her own already.

«Leo,» she whispers in the dark.

«Hmm?» I utter, waking up from my considerations. I'll let her sleep on my side if she asks nicely.

«Are you unhappy to be my soulmate?»

I shake my head and look at her.

«Why are you asking so suddenly? Did I do anything to make you think that I'm unhappy?»

«No, but maybe you're influenced by the bond. I also have some strange thoughts recently.»

«Strange thoughts? Like what?»

«Sometimes, I ask myself how to act not to bother you.»

«That's not strange. You're in a foreign place, between dangerous people...»

«I know, but the point is that I don't do it for fear. I just don't want you to dislike me. You look like someone that appreciates peace and quiet, so I try to be as silent as I can.»

«Maybe, you're a nice person.»

«I'm not. I always try to attract as little attention as I can. I would aim at erasing my presence rather than making it tolerable. I don't want you to ignore or forget me.»

«I also had some thoughts that are a bit premature.»

«Like what?»

«Are you sure you want to know?» I tease her. However, I intend to answer her. She has been sincere to me, so it's just fair.

«If you're referring to those moments, then your thoughts can't be worse than mine. What I meant is that I'm strange even when the bound is dormant.»

I choke, surprised by her sudden loquacity. Now I want to hear her dirty thoughts so badly. Yet, they're not the topic of the conversation, apparently.

«I was referring to my possessiveness.»

«Oh, aren't all vampires territorial?»

I chuckle, amused once more. What the heck do they teach at the hunters' schools? It's like a propaganda distribution! Shall I point out that we don't sleep in graves, or she's figured it out on her own?

«I don't know if it's the norm, but I don't really care what the people giving me blood do. Usually.»

«Oh,» Julia utters. «Even if they gave blood to another vampire? Wouldn't you be annoyed?»

«No. But it's difficult to feed a single vampire; two needs really a lot of energy.»

«But you said that I can't get close to anyone else. So, I'm your exclusive prey, aren't I?» Julia inquires with a delicate smile.

«That's not it,» I utter, but she doesn't seem to have heard.

«So, it must be because of the bound,» she deducts, after some consideration. «It thought that you didn't want to share your prey with anyone else...»

«You're not prey,» I reveal in a breath.

That's the problem here: I don't need her for food.

Rather, because she's warm, soft and smells nice. Blood is just an excuse to hold her in my arms.

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