9 An incantation (Julia)

After eating, we have to decide how to sleep.

Last night, I lost consciousness on the sofa and woke up in bed. Since then, I haven't seen Leo resting for even a minute, so I've just assumed he doesn't sleep at all.

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He told me that it's not the case, though.

Still, we can't share a bed.

I don't roll around while sleeping, but I can't be sure that this weird feeling won't take control of me. Even while I'm awake, I hardly resist.

I will end up in Leo's arms, and that would be too embarrassing.

While I'm racking my brains in search of a solution, Leo has already made a decision.

«Go sleep,» he orders, and I simply obey.

I lean the book he passed me on the table and then nestle under the sheets. I think he took a tome randomly from the library, but it turned out way more interesting than what I could predict.

I would like to read some more, but I don't want to raise suspicions.

«Good night,» I whisper and turn to the side.

I need quite some time to fall completely asleep. Yet, with my stomach full and the warm blanket around my body, I can't say it's bad this way.

My dreams are void until I feel suffocating.

I turn on the bed until I can't bear this anymore. I get rid of the cover and start to pant.

My stomach is aching, my lungs scream, and my skin is sweating. I feel hot all over, but not the same way as when Leo kissed me. This is like burning alive.

When I turn on the other side, restless, I see him.

He's lying next to me with his arms bent under the head.

His eyes are open, a sign that he's awake. He blinks from time to time, but he doesn't turn. He's waiting for something, isn't he?

Just the sight of Leo helps me breathe better, and I sigh, relieved.

What was that before? A panic attack? A nightmare?

Leo turns to look at me, slow and calm; I try to smile reassuringly.

I can see him in every detail, even though there is so little light in here. I can't discern the shapes in the room, but I can see him with demonic precision.

I stare in silence, hoping to get back the capability to speak. The relief that crossed my body has already disappeared, and that odd need returns with gradual, increasing intensity.

After a moment, I understand that this feeling won't disappear on its own. Another stream of weird energy crosses my body, and I reach out for Leo's hand.

He doesn't look too surprised while his fingers entwine with mine.

«So, you're feeling it as well,» he utters.

I nod, and peace crosses my fingers. It flows from the contact between our hands and reaches half of the arm, almost to the elbow.

My hand is the only part of my body that doesn't ache right now.

«This is so similar to thirst that I couldn't discern them, at first,» Leo says.

Thirst? This is how vampires feel when they're thirsty? It's awful: I can't imagine feeling it all the time! Death seems a better option.

«It's hard to resist if you're not used to it,» he adds, smiling.

I can't see the fangs, but my nerves start to tickle at the image of getting bitten. My heart increases its rhythm, and my blood pressure rises as well.

I gulp, trying to hold back.

Still, the idea of his teeth in my neck, the blood flowing away... Those images have a peculiar effect.

I've never felt like this before. Being bitten doesn't hurt; that's true. But there's nothing desirable either. It's uncomfortable and weird. Why am I acting, like, so perverted?

I try to calm down, but it's not easy. The burning is now becoming painful.

«Leo,» I call him, pulling his hand. «Help me, please...»

He glances at me, surprised.

«I'll help you as soon as you tell me what's happening.»

«I don't know!» I utter and crawl to him. I clung to his arm, staring at his lips rather shamelessly. «Please...»

Somehow, I know that a kiss will help me.

«Is it part of some incantation? Have you cursed me?»

«I wouldn't curse me as well, would I?»

It's so hard to think, in this situation. How the heck is he able to stay so cool?

Maybe, I realise, he's not as affected as I am. Is it all an effect of his magic?

«You don't know anything about this?» he murmurs, tilting his head and moving his eyes on my face.

My speedy heartbeat makes it impossible to understand if I'm lying. So, the only choice is to analyse my face muscles' movements.

«No,» I whisper, shaking my head.

I look at him in the eyes, and I see that he's longing for my lips not less than I am for his.

«You better have told me the truth,» he voices and presses me down on the mattress, under his body. Just this relieves my suffering for a moment, even though the pain and longing are still invincible.

He blocks my hands near my head and kisses my lips fiercely.

I sigh when we make contact, and that aggressive energy leaves my body little by little.

I can't move my arms, but I lock one leg on his hip.

I don't really have any control over myself, and I'll probably feel ashamed when all of this is over. Still, now I can't stop.

I moan in a complaint when Leo splits from me.

His gaze is scanning my expression, his breath as short as mine.

«Better?» he asks.


The urge of a minute ago is now lessened, but I don't want to stop now.

«A bit more,» I plead.

I can't believe I'm behaving like this. I won't have the guts to look at Leo in the eyes anymore!

«Just a bit more,» I whisper, moving my thigh and lifting my head from the mattress. I've almost reached his lips, that soft, sweet moment of paradise, when he moves an inch back.

«Stay still,» he breathes, and I lie down again.

Every single cell in my body is telling me not to listen, to force my lips on his and get some more relief. I can't assault him if he doesn't want me to. Right?

He blocks my wrists over my head and keeps me still with a single hand. With the free one, he pins my chin and compels me to look at the side.

Is he going to bite me?

Just the thought makes my blood rush, and I start to breathe with haste once more.

I feel an insistent tingling between my legs, but I ignore it. What kind of a pervert would get excited at the thought of getting bitten by a vampire?

Leo is not a random vampire, a voice deep in my mind affirms. I wouldn't react this way under anyone else's touch. Is my brain trying to comfort me or what?

«I won't bite you. There's no need to get this worked up,» Leo whispers to my ear, a light chuckle accompanying his words. His relaxed tone makes me shiver, and I moan as a complaint.

No bites, ah? What a pity.

Yet, there must be something he wants to do. He wouldn't be keeping me still otherwise. I just hope he hurries up a bit, or I'll go crazy from the expectations.

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