Destined SoulsDestined Souls

Destined Souls

by thetinman

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"Our thread will never be cut” Lisa, a world-famous performer, loved by the world died at the hands of her best friend, Hao Jingfei. She had a perfect life, but Hao Jingfei took that away. Even in her final moment, she thought that she was loved and respected by everyone. And believed it, until she was murdered by her best friend. But her life did not end there. Waking up in the hospital with fresh life. But why did she have to transmigrate into a male, hopelessly she gave up on him, her fiancé, Long Tian. Helplessly, she can only watch as her former best friend, Hao Jingfei, attempts to steal her former life fiancé. As if that wasn't bad enough, it seems like fate was playing a cruel prank on her by letting her meet Long Tian, Every she went, there he was, her fiancé, Long Tian. Can she stop herself from throwing herself at him and move on? Will she take revenge against her enemy, her best friend Hao Jingfei? ----------------------------------------------------------- Please do leave some feed back on the story. And some votes :P

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