5 The vacation

After everyone left, Accalia, her mother and luna came to her and wiggled a hand in his hairs, " Olcan told me about SG Company takeover. Why don't you go and look into the matter? I will handle thing here" she said softly trying to make him relax. His eyes have remained golden whole day. That's not a good sign. His wolf is taking charge more often than necessary. Although they are wolves but they mostly remain in their human form. Except when they are here. The place of their ancestors where they perform rituals.

"Are you sure mother?" He asked raising a brow. After all his mother has always been strict to her. Always stopping him from doing anything which is not related to their pack interests. He was an alpha before being his son in her eyes.

"Of course I am, I never..."

"Take decisions hastily. I know mother but what about here?" He asked worriedly looking at the place where the ashes. We're only left after the whole body burnt.

"Don't forget I am luna of this pack, I handle much more than you think," she said in a proud tone. 'Ah, as arrogant as always.'

"Okay then." He will grab the chances when he is getting, after all, it will be the first time he will go out without any. Mission. Technically he still has. A mission but everyone knows that he is not needed for this small task.

His mother smiled and hugged him before wishing him the night. He just laid there again at the riverside looking at the moon. "Just what is it you want now?" He asked looking at the moon.

He is sure there is something wrong with him these days. He always remains irritated. His eyes turned golden and red over small matters and his claws coming out ready to shred every living thing into pieces. His mother has definitely noticed the change too. That's why she allowed him to go out.

But would it really solve the matter though? He just shook his head. 'Let's deal with things as they come' he stretched his body and smelt the blood that has been dried now. He jumped in the air and turned into a wolf in the mid-air. And with few strides, he reached his place. Rather than a palace where her mother still lived. He lived in a small house. He took a bath and then sat near the fireplace. His eyes back to sea green colour and hairs dark brown. He just laid there feeling the warmth of the fire in him. As a wolf, they never feel cold but these days coldness is taking place in his bones.

Wolf normally mate at the age of 20, just like humans but strong lycans have a more stable mind they can do them without a long period. But this time a feeling is coming like she is here but he is abandoning him. A pain that is not going which is turning the beast in him berserk.

His mother's continuous declaration to get him married is also adding fuel to the fire. Looks like he really needs a holiday. He smiled at the thought when the door knocked.

And without waiting for his reply olcan entered. "Are you better now alpha"

"The same fire burned the other skinwalker. Right?" He asked ignoring his questions.

He bowed his head from embarrassment but he knew he can't lie to his alpha so after a moment of hesitation he accepted it. "Yes, the moment we started interrogating them, they burned."

"Hmmm, a spell is done on their body, the moment they will try to confess the truth it would trigger the spell and they would be burned." He said nodding his head still looking at the fire. "Are you sure you could handle everything without me?"

"Yes, alpha. Fenris, except a gamma, I am your friend too. Luna is with us, so as the beta. we all three will handle it together. And we also know a way to recognize them. I will personally go and inform everyone to sniff the people around them well. They can mimic us but not our smell. We will keep that in mind"

He took a deep sigh and nodded. the war, continuous spy and his mate. All are taking a load in his mind. He really needs to settle it. "Since you, all three is staying here who is going with me." He asked looking at him for the first time since he entered the house. "Caleb and Blaez"

He raised a brow at him "those pups?"

"Hey, they are already 35 and 40 now. They already have mates and One is also expecting a child." He instantly closed his mouth realising what he is saying 'fool olcan! Why did you mention mates again? Idiot'

"Good then." He said nothing else. He just can't stop the world from having mates just because he doesn't have one. "What about you?"

"Huh? What about me?" He asked confused 'what were they talking about him?'

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"Why didn't you took part in today ritual if you have found your mate?" He asked in a calm voice. His prior annoyance was not there anymore. Like he has finally found peace in the situation.

Olcan took a breath of relief and smiled like a Chesire cat. "Oh, she isn't from our pack. I have found her when you have sent me to the Rollin pack in the northern region. she is the daughter of their alpha Ernouf. It took a lot of effort to coax his father to accept me. He wanted me to stay there as the gamma or beta of their pack to let me give his daughter. Tough condition. It will take some time to make him agree with sending his daughter." He said smiling and shaking his head. Lost in the memories of the time he has spent with his mate. 'Ah, I want to go back there again' the peaceful look in his eyes made Fenris envious.

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