3 The ceremony

Under the full moon covered in clouds, in the deep areas of Flolaris forest, a. Group of people were singing and dancing to the tune of harps. There was music in the air, crickets and other nightcrawlers are giving their bow and joining the music to show their sincerity. old folklore is sung by a group of old ladies, like chanting scriptures. Lost in the rhythms. Their feet are moving on their own. A lone figure sitting alone near the bank of the river Sina. Devoid of all emotions lost in his thought.

Just like the night, his aura is dark. They wanted him to join but was too afraid to ask. His eyes closed and laid leisurely, the man looks like a portrait of fairy. His long black hairs flowing in the air and his expressions relaxed. But the one who knows him knows that he is not to be trifled with.

Just then, the clouds left the moon to shine, the whole area bathed in the moonlight illuminating their bodies and soon they smile. For them, the time arrived. Soon the mom et turned a sight to behold, for all the humans, turned into Lycans. And howls are sounded. Then who laid there finally opened his eyes. His golden eyes shining like the sun, a deep smile on his face. They all bowed to him and he nodded and smiled. Leisurely standing from this place he walked to the group. Two seats set in the mid he sat on the one and looked at the other with longingness in his eyes.

The wolves gathered around him an bowed their head, he nodded and raised his hand. "The ceremony may begin"

And with that, the dancing continued. The pairs chose their partners and the music continued at the end of it, the mark was given. The first mark of their companionship. Now the she-wolf is betrothed to their partners. And the period of courtship begun. There were laughter and happiness in the air. This is one of the biggest rituals of the Lycans. The first marking of their mates, and after two moons. The second and final marking will be done. To bless them with the moon goddess blessings and their alpha.

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And just as he thought, the moment rutual got completed, the elders called him.

"Alpha, we need to talk" luna came straight to the point cutting the chase.

"There is nothing new in your questions, are you going to talk as my mother or lina of the pack." He asked bowing his head to his mother.

"Does it make any difference? I have the authority of both. After the death of your father in the war. I was the one who lead the pack till you became alpha" she said with pride and authority.

"Everyone is aware of your sacrifices luna, but that doesn't give you the right to force your choices on me" he snarled his voice still low yet a threat was laced in it.

"The pack need a luna, alpha, your luna. As the rule of lycans, only a pair could lead the pack. Yet I am still serving the pack from past 80 years. It's been a long time. The curse has worked and it wouldn't get broken. Your father has accepted it and you have to do it too" his mother urged. Her tone was softer now.

"I am not a child for you to coax, mother. I am ready to leave the position of alpha, if the pack has an eligible pair to rule. Let him fight with me and the winner will be the new alpha. But I will not mark anyone who isn't my mate." He replied in a strong determined voice.

"But our family is cursed to not have mates. You know, and yet you waited. You will be of 100 years after two months Fenris. You can't wait your whole life for things that are not going to happen" her anger rising now, her fangs are showing still in her human form. "You have to mark one this season" her stance was clear, decision is taken and sealed and he has to follow now.

"Mother, as a mother you can advice me not control me. And as long, I am the one who is authorised to take decision. What right do you have to tell me whom to mark?" He started calmly even after growling of his mother.

He knew she is right, she is worried about him about the pack. But he has a feeling that his mate is there somewhere. And he will find her one day. Just marking any female to give the pack a luna is not what he would do.

Her mother was sad with his harsh words, yet she was determined to get what she wants. "10 years, I am giving you ten more years. After that I will leave my position of luna and if you still didn't find your mate. You would have to choose from the others or leave the position of alpha."

"I will be glad to do that" he smiled leisurely and sat there. Like the position of alpha is nothing but a burden to him. He would loose it happily.

"And let your pack be killed in war.your father lost his life in the war and yet you are ready to let it go, just for the mate you haven't even found yet. The mate who doesn't even exist" her class and fangs were ready to wound him.

But his one roar shut her up. "You were the one who started the war and let the mess for us to clean it, my fellow are dying for what? What honour would it being? And yet you are here blaming me to be heartless. Know your place luna" he growled and before she could reply he left the place.

He went back to the Riverside and laid there looking at the moon. 'I know you are there, I will find you one day'

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