1 My life

l loved my life, very few will say that but I truly feel blessed in my life. We play in the forest, blooming the flowers and creating waves in the river to splash water on each other. We made swings from branches that almost touch the sky. We used to live happily in the sky.

Our coven has love and prosperity all around. Our people are loyal and united. We grow our own crops, make our clothes, using manual and spells we can create everything that is needed to live a better life. We seldom trade with humans.

Their few goods are better and some sweets are tastier. Everything was just perfect. But sometimes I feel we live like a frog of the well. I wanted to see the world I read in books. I wanted to see the other creatures living around. Humans, vampires, lycans, shapeshifters, dragons and many more. I wanted to befriend humans, to go and enjoy their festivals.

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I want to see how lycans shift as werewolves, I wanted to see the fangs of vampire grow. I wanted to meet and fly on a dragon touch of the sky. Yes, I want to do everything possible In the world. But my mother just shook her head and smiled. She said I had responsibilities as I am there future. We have rules for a reason to keep us safe. People take witches as an evil that's why we can't freely mingle.

But I don't find any evilness in my people

They are loyal to us and live happily. There is no fight or argument on any matter. We live in the forest covering the south where my mother rules the witches coven. And I, as her daughter is their next queen. Often other creatures cross our forest to reach their destination.

We provide them with lodging, food and other things required. Being friendly but not really mingle. I see from afar how people come and go. Althocrossave wishes but I do not complain if because I have everything we need in our life.

But it is said happiness didn't stay for long. One day a group of lycans, came in our territory to cross the forest. Like always we provide them lodging, food and everything needed as a good host. and just like others, they left after a while.

But after a few days, the pack of lycans attacked us, telling that we have used a virus on the lycans who came here. And the virus has spread in their pack. It has affected their females, affecting their capacity to give birth. We denied telling them it was not us, who did that.

As we have no benefit it. But they reasoned it telling we were afraid of their increasing numbers. That's why we used stealthy methods to overcome their number. Their reason was as ridiculous as them. We pleaded to discuss but they denied. As they believed in using brute force to overcome every situation.

So the war began. It affected us badly as they were more in numbers and have sheer strength to fight. Although we witches have spell and magic power but except

That we are frail creature like human of mother earth. Our numbers decreasing day by day. People dying and things destroyed. The war made us weak from the past five decades. But whenever we went to negotiate they only demanded the cure which we didn't have. We were in misery. Now I understood why my other always asked me to stay away.

At last left with no other choice. My mother decided to sacrifice her life to release her aura which will protect the coven for a long time.

That night she came into my room and we laid in my bed together. she ran her hands in my hairs for a long time. then, She laughed reminiscing the past blunders of mine. I laughed with her even when I have tears in my eyes.

At last, she turned and looked into my eyes, she asked me her last wish which made my eyes widen. I shook my head and denied. Mother how can I.

She smiled and touched my cheek. Telling me it's okay.

She wanted me to run from her and live my life. As she won't be able to protect me once she dies.

No mother I not that selfish. How can I think of leaving when my people are dying? I am their next queen and it is my duty to protect them.

But you can't unless the problem is solved she said. After me, you are our last hope. She passed me a goblet and told me to handle it carefully. It has the sample of the virus that is spread among the lycans.

She asked me to go to the human world and try to find it's there. Using both their science and our spells. It is the only way to end this war forever. Otherwise more people will die. She even denied me to tell anyone. As they will follow me and lycans will know about my whereabouts.

I wanted to deny but the hopelessness in her eyes instantly shut my mouth. I swallowed all the words and hugged her with all my might. That night we laid there just like that.

Once the first ray of the sun touched the sky. We enchanted the spell together and I faded away. from there and reached the outer boundary of the forest. I looked back at one last time knowing today my mother will die. I wouldn't be able to see her one last time. Tears kept flowing from my eyes and my vision blurred.

I looked up and blink my eyes to control my feelings slipping away with my tears. Strange, I always wanted to come out and see the world. Yet now when I am finally here. I feel nothing but the grief in my heart. I don't remember how long I walked but I did for hours, then days until I reached a city of humans. And then I fell. I saw people coming to me when my consciousness drifted away.

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