Destined Guardian : Mafia's Adopted Son Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Destined Guardian : Mafia's Adopted Son


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[PG-13] with [R] potential in some chapters. Be wise. *** It's been a year since Maureen was in a state of life and death. The accident she experienced a year ago also took her beloved mother's life. Now, she also lies in a coma without knowing when she will return to see the beauty of the world. And also, it's been a year since Rizaldy, familiarly called by Aldy, the absolute king in the Caius Ballad High School's gang, take care of Maureen, who is lying coma. Aldy's changing daily life makes him nicknamed "The Bad Boy Who Has Returned to the Right Way" by his close friends. Aldy has never known Maureen before, even though they have become siblings since Maureen's parents divorced four years ago, and he was adopted by Maureen's father from a prison cell. His mind was always guessing, could Maureen accept him as her brother? Maybe that is not the question. The actual question is, will Aldy capable of being a good brother to Maureen? And what if Heri, the person who adopted Aldy, Maureen's father, turns out to be a leader of the cruelest mafia organization?