1 Introduction

It has always been said that god has destined everyone with their soulmate.

They are bound to meet each other at some point of time.

They can sense each others happiness, sorrows and pain.

A specific symbol or sign forms on their opposite hand when they unite or meet each other.


Kung Mia can sense that her soulmate is suffering through anxiety recently.

It was not like this before, some time before she used to get positive vibes from him.

Happiness, contentment, positive energy used to be filled inside him.

But from the past few weeks, it has filled with feelings of disappointment, self-doubt and what not.

She could tell if he didnt sort out his problem shortly, he'll loose hope and start falling apart.

Mia desperately wants to help her other half, but in order to do so, she needs to find out who her other half is.

Will she able to find her soulmate soon or he'll break apart before their meeting?

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