Despair of the Shattering Shield
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Despair of the Shattering Shield


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What is Despair of the Shattering Shield

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Nayasuki Izaki, a 19-year-old university student, lives an easy and average life which he has no qualms with. However, one day he gets summoned as the “Master of Defence” and becomes part of another world of which he has no knowledge of. Betrayed by the powerful and those he thought he could trust, Nayasuki feels nothing but despair and rage. With an increasingly dark and cruel turn of events, he must save himself from his descent into madness and become the hero this new world needs him to be. Will he become that hero or will he become the evil that he’s sworn to slay? His dark journey in this ruthless and unknown world begins.

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I like how this story is... How he made it and then ended up in the game itself... It's just like some movie that I watched but they're not the same thing... Jumanji acted by the rock I hope if the actor will puts more liking into it and made it awesome by taking time on writing and also in updating it👍


So is your inspiration for this work, The Rising of the Shield Hero. Cause except for some very minor changes (Mostly the names) your walking the same story as that author.


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This is a very interesting story.... I really like the story plot and how it all started... And this story is one of each own kind... Meaning or for me... I've never crossed a story which looks like this though and from the other angels of view point to this story... When a reader reach the middle, it will looks like the mc is telling someone or reader how he journey into his life...whereby the indications showing are all based on I... I.... I. It's not that I'm trying to criticize it... But also reading a story from this side....might be something cool though... The story is very interesting though 😋😋😋 I like it... 😍👍👍👍


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