10 Chapter 9

Meanwhile in the Land of Wind…

Two figures in black cloaks with red clouds and straw hats were walking in the desert amidst the sandy winds as their cloaks blew and they kept walking to the village hidden in the sand. The peaceful village of the sand had no idea of the dangers that loomed over them as the village walls came into view and both figures smirked beneath their cloaks.

Sunagakure no sato

Naruto was going through the paperwork with seven of his shadow clones working alongside him and was confused as to why Gaara kept calling it a demon spawn. He guessed it must be so easy because the council took care of the details and he just had to go through reading and signing them only. Again in Konoha a certain redhead had the urge to kill Uzumaki but didn't get why he was suddenly having these desires. He was getting bored and didn't get how Gaara kept himself locked up in this room with just paperwork with only Matsuri to talk to. She too only talked about the official stuff and was way too boring. He wanted his hime to come back and kiss her like there was no tomorrow and hold her in his arms as he sat there listening to the civilian talking about admitting his son and daughter into the shinobi Academy and he smiled at the father.

"Of course he can join, I'll talk to the council about those rules that civilians can't join the shinobi Academy." He said and the father smiled gratefully then spoke nervously.

"Kazekage-sama, she is my only daughter and is too innocent for the killing tasks of the shinobi life but I only have a small merchant business and want her to be a shinobi to have a good life and look after herself like her mother wanted her to but is there any way that she could you know join and not get involved in the gorier aspects of the shinobi life." He asked nervously and Naruto gave him a warm small making the man lessen his nervousness but was scared as Naruto stood up and crouched down in front of the little girl with a teddy in her hand and patted her head making her smile.

"What's your name my cute little angel?" he asked softly and she smiled blushing a bit as she looked at his whiskers and rubbed them with her little hands smiling cutely at him as he smiled in an amused way making her father scared knowing he was the current Kazekage. This was why he had come, he had been too scared to approach Gaara since he remembered his old reputation and was scared of him but he jumped at the chance of talking to a new Kazekage and was ecstatic that a mere commoner like him was given an instant appointment. Naruto turned to the man and stood confidently making him gulp and put a shoulder on his hand.

"Don't worry there are many branches like the barrier team, the sealing team or even the medical squad and various other branches that involve almost zero killing, but she will be trained to kill to protect herself if she wants to be a kunoichi. That is something I cannot help with, if you still wish for her to join the Academy…" he was cut off as the man shook his hand.

"That would be great Kazekage-sama, you are very generous to go out of your way for a civilian like me." He said gratefully and Naruto smiled and shook his head.

"Every villager is my responsibility do not be scared to come to me even if I am not the Kazekage then I'll help you in any way I can. That is the way our village will work under me, everyone is equal whether a clan head or a civilian. If there is potential, then we will bring it out. The Yondaime Hokage was but an orphan of a small clan in the leaf but is still regarded as their strongest shinobi to breathe, who is to know that this little girl might not be the next Kazekage." He said as the girl grinned and he fist bumped her as the man left happily thanking him and Naruto sat down making a document to order her admission to the Academy. The Academy came under the Kazekage and was a shinobi affair, so the council could suggest but he had the final say and he would let anyone who wished get a chance after all he himself was a clan less orphan for thirteen years he mused and if not for the old man he would never have made a shinobi. He thought remembering about the Sandaime Hokage and the times he spent with him fondly. He was surprised at how many civilians wanted to become a part of the less violent shinobi branches but were scared of the laws put in by the Yondaime Kazekage and the killing image of Gaara but were seeing their hope in him. He signed another admission paper and kept it in the growing pile that had already reached to a couple dozen since yesterday and smiled. So much young untapped talent and more strength to the village. Suddenly Chiyo and Ebizo came in and he motioned them a seat gazing at their sudden appearance curiously.

"What can I do for you Chiyo baa-sama and Ebizo Ji-chan?" he asked politely and they smiled at the polite and affectionate name. They were pretty close with all the time they spent together for the sealing branches and told him stories of his parents and he considered them family.

"Kazekage-sama we have received many admissions of civilian children by your orders since yesterday and came to talk about it." she said and he raised an eyebrow and nodded.

"Yes I just cleared another child with the will to join one of our less violent department. I thought it would be better for us to have more shinobi for support lines in the future that will aid the front line fighters and they all came willingly so I assumed it wasn't a problem? And i thought we did need to strengthen our forces too?" he asked and they smiled at his words.

"No Kazekage-sama actually the council is quite happy and we have encouraged the civilians for a while under Godaime's reign and the removal of his father's laws and clan preferences but they were still afraid of him and the new admissions are a great welcome and you have been cleared complete authority for the Academy admissions for now." Said Chiyo and he smiled in surprise and nodded happy that he was of help. They got up and just as they were about to leave Chiyo turned around and saw him working determined as he signed the admission paper. She saw an image of Minato Namikaze beside him and saw how similar they were and how they could get the best out of everyone, the Namikaze's were natural leaders she thought and smiled fondly. He caught her gaze and questioned her.

"Something the matter Baa-sama?" he asked and she smiled and shook her head.

"Nothing just went down the memory lane." She said happily and left a confused blonde behind who shrugged and got back to work.

An hour later a blast rocked the village as he felt the tremors and instantly got up flaring his chakra in a coded seal on the desk attuned to the current Kazekage as the ANBU commander appeared and kneeled in front of him.

"Dragon what the hell was that just now?" he asked in an authoritative voice and he bowed his head and answered stoically.

"Kazekage-sama the village walls have been breached, there is a blonde man on a strange bird with a black cloak and red clouds over it and is wearing a straw hat concealing his face. He is throwing some strange bombs around the village." He said and Naruto cursed under his breath.

"They are the Akatsuki, Dragon evacuate the civilians to underground shelters and order everyone above jounin to take guard and search the village for another breach. They always travel in pairs and keep them away from doing damage but do not engage directly. They are all Kage level shinobi and I do not want unnecessary causalities. Am I clear?" He said in an authoritative voice and Dragon nodded. "Dismissed." He said and he stood up and bowed.

"Hai Kazekage-sama!" he shouted and vanished to carry out the orders. Naruto picked up his jacket and instantly put it on as he undid the seal on the back as the words 'Second Flash' were written on the back vertically matching the colour of the flames and flicked out a three pronged kunai and jumped to the top of the roof of the Tower and saw the bird coming towards him as Deidara levelled himself to his eye level and Naruto stood spinning the Kunai in his finger and stared at him emotionlessly and threw the hat away as the man spoke before setting off several blasts as he saw the smoke come off from some buildings and the scared screams of the civilians.

"They made you the Kazekage hm. Well it makes it more fun to capture a Kage with my Art un." He said chuckling as he threw his hat away and Naruto got a look at his face. He recognized him straight away.

"Deidara Iwa's Mad Bomber. An S-class rogue nin wanted for bombing Iwagakure no sato and stealing their Kinjutsu to enhance your bloodline the 'Explosion Release'. Personally trained by the Sandaime Tsuchikage himself and were the prime candidate for the Yondaime before going rogue." He recited his Bingo Book entry as Deidara chuckled.

"Ahh the good old days and performances of my art…" he said chuckling. "But I'm honoured that you know my every detail Kyuubi brat now come with me so we can leave the village in peace and there won't be any causalities." He said and Naruto stared at him blankly still spinning his kunai.

"Sorry but that is not an option, you have already invaded and attacked the village and I have to capture or kill you as the current Kazekage." He said as another Akatsuki member landed beside him, one which he didn't recognize.

"I'm sorry but I don't recognize you." He said coldly to the new figure and Sasori spoke up.

"I'm Sasori of the Red Sands, you should know being the Kazekage and all, though I am happy to take down another Kazekage." He said and Naruto narrowed his eyes at his statement knowing this fight just got a lot more serious with him. He knew who he was, Chiyo Baa-sama's grandson and the prodigy of the Art of Puppetry before he used humans for his puppets. She had told him all about him, and he was another S-class prodigy that went rogue for power. Suddenly the jounin commander landed beside him in a defensive stance as Naruto spoke up.

"Stay back and provide cover from far away, this isn't a battle that you would help in, you'll only be a liability. Try and keep out of the way and don't let civilians come to harm. Form a perimeter and your priority is containment." He said and the man was about to protest when he gazed in those cold eyes and nodded stepping back and carrying out his orders.

"Sasori-danna why did you come to the battle I could take care of him myself." Asked Deidara and Sasori spoke.

"I heard he was named a temporary Kazekage so I came, we will get this done right and it seems he will be fun to fight and a good model for a new puppet." He said and Deidara chuckled and nodded.

"Kyuubi jinchuriki you still have a chance to come peacefully or the village will suffer." He spoke before Naruto flared up his chakra and flicked out another three pronged kunai getting into a stance showing them their answer. He chucked a kunai just ahead of Sasori's feet and Deidara chuckled.

"Hey kid, get your eyes checked and wear some glasses your aim is pathetic." Laughed Deidara and Naruto smirked as he formed a Rasengan in his free hand and they got into their battle stances when Naruto suddenly disappeared in a Yellow Flash making Deidara's eyes widen in horror as he gazed at the dreaded kunai at Sasori's feet and the stories of the Third Shinobi World War came to his mind and he shouted.

"SASORI JUMP AWAY FROM…" he couldn't finish as Naruto appeared in front of Sasori in a Yellow Flash as Sasori tried to jump back but was too late as Naruto smashed his chakra ball into the Hiruko puppet and it was splintered and crushed as Sasori left it and jumped back showing his real form and was seething at the destruction of his beloved puppet.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he splintered the middle of the puppet into oblivion. The jounin surrounding the battlefield were wide eyed as their Kazekage stood up his hair flowing in the wind as he chucked the kunai he threw before from the ground and spun them around holding them in a reverse grip in his hand. A moment later they broke out of their stupors as they cheered watching their Kage take charge and their confidence soared.

"THAT'S RIGHT LET'S GO KAZEKAGE-SAMA!" one of them cheered as they roared in applause.

"YES KAZEKAGE-SAMA WILL TAKE THEM DOWN WE CAN'T LOSE EVEN IF THEY ARE SO STRONG!" another cheered as their confidence soared and Naruto stood and stared at Sasori's original form.

"So that's your real face, I thought why you looked so ugly and now I know you were hiding behind that pathetic doll." He said emotionlessly as Sasori's blood boiled. That blonde brat was getting on his nerves.

"How dare you insult my art!" he hissed and turned to Deidara who was staring wide eyed at Naruto. "And Deidara what the hell was that jutsu? You recognized it so tell me?" he growled and saw him staring at him in… fear?

He watched confused as he shook his shoulder and Deidara looked at him breaking out of his stupor and answered his question.

"Sasori-senpai, every shinobi in Iwagakure and Kumogakure knows and fears that jutsu." he said and Sasori was confused, if it was so damn famous then why hadn't he seen it before in action? "Don't you recognize those kunai Sasori-senpai those are the Yondaime Hokage's kunai. He obliterated our enemies in the third war and won the whole war by himself using that accursed jutsu." He said in a trance and fear in his voice as his eyes were locked onto the kunai and the stories that Onoki had told him and how much damage those dreaded knives could cause and Sasori turned to Naruto surprised who was standing there emotionlessly as he thought of a strategy to go by.

"That was the Hiraishin? How the hell does he know it? I thought that it died with the Yondaime Hokage how does that dead last jinchuriki know it?" he asked stuneed and Naruto who stood silently not bothering to reply and he growled as he took out a scroll from behind in anger.

"Then I guess it's time to get serious Kyuubi!" he seethed and unsealed a puppet making all of the shinobi gasp and Naruto to narrow his eyes at the puppet.

"SANDAIME-SAMA!" one of them shouted and Naruto realized where he had seen it. He was the same as the statue in the Kazekage tower and if he remembered correctly then the Sandaime went missing in the last war and was the strongest of all the Kazekage's in history. Well now they knew where he went he mused.

"Pathetic to think you would desecrate someone's bodies like that, you disgust me to no end Sasori. It's good that Chiyo Baa-sama is in the shelter and has left fighting or surely she must have cried tears of blood seeing what you have become." He said and Sasori chuckled.

"No one understands true art, now he will live eternally and has taken the face of true art." He said chuckling and Naruto looked at him in disgust.

He tried to remember but couldn't remember anything about the abilities of the Sandaime Kazekage and spoke to the shinobi there.

"What was the Sandaime famous for?" he asked the jounin surrounding them as he saw Sasori connect the threads to his puppet and Deidara's bird taking off.

"Sandaime-sama was famous for his feared kekkei genkai of Jiton : Iron Release. Just like Godaime-sama he controlled sand but it was made of pure iron and was poisoned. A mere touch was enough to kill a shinobi." The man said as Naruto jumped back to avoid a hail of poisoned senbon and nodded. That was one hell of a kekkei genkai he mused.

"Now I wish Gaara was here, it would be difficult to take them both on and keep that Mad Bomber away from civilians at the same time. Let's see if my Hiraishin can keep up and how far I have come." He thought as he decided to charge and charged at Sasori who brought the puppet in front of him as he threw a kunai at the puppet and the puppet released a hail of poisoned senbon from his mouth . He disappeared in a Yellow Flash avoiding the senbon and caught the flying kunai in mid air just as it reached the puppet as he slashed the other kunai horizontally when the puppet took out two swords from its sleeves and slashed making an X and he blocked one and jumped back cursing from getting his arm slashed as he saw a little insect falling from above and was confused as to the strange white creature when he suddenly saw it glow and pumped chakra to his feet cracking the ground with the force and jumped back as the insect blew up and he looked up at the chuckling Deidara with narrowed eyes.

"You like my art eh Kyuubi?" he said in chuckles as his eyes widened when he saw hundreds of small insects flowing out from his hand to the evacuating civilians. Sasori decided to take advantage of his distraction and charged up his jutsu.

"Iron Release : Iron Sand Drizzle" said Sasori as suddenly black sand covered the pupped and formed small gunshot like balls and moved forward at blazing speeds and Naruto thought about what to do. He saw the civilians and the reaching bombs and then the black gunshots coming at him from behind and growled.

"DAMN IT TO HELL!" he shouted as he clapped his hands and moulded a huge amount of chakra together and the little moisture in the air started joining together forming droplets and swirled around forming a large swirl of water as he went through blazing fast hand seals and ended at Tori.

"Water Style : Water Severing Wave!" he shouted as a huge tidal wave of water formed around him and moved forward in blazing speeds washing away the iron sand bullets from the huge pressure of the chakra infused water as he held the ram hand seal.

"AHHH YOU WON'T TOUCH ANYONE ON MY WATCH!" he shouted in focus and strain as the huge tidal wave turned around and washed over the civilians not touching them and washed away the small bombs that detonated in the air and he smirked as he panted a bit and the whole battlefield stood in stunned silence at seeing the brilliant display of skills.

"THAT'S THE WAY SHOW THEM NARUTO-SAMA!" shouted a small child from the civilian group and they erupted in cheers at seeing the brilliant display of water elemental manipulation as the water drizzled over them making them wet. The shinobi were stunned at the huge scale of a water ninjutsu never seen before in Suna and erupted in applause at seeing their Kazekage smirking as he looked at the stunned Akatsuki members.

"Such mastery over the water element to create water out of this dry air and to manipulate it in between the jutsu and turning it as he wills. That takes away his Water style handicap." Both Akatsuki members thought in unison as they turned to Naruto now taking him really seriously after seeing the display of power by the blonde. This was the blonde idiot that only made Shadow Clones only three years ago? They cursed Kisame for his stupid deduction of getting their hopes high. The damn brat had used two S-rank one of them bordering SS and one high A-rank ninjutsu and the fight had just started. They were broken out of their thoughts as Naruto spoke up.

"What happened cat caught your tongue or do you now realize what true art is?" he taunted mockingly and both of them growled at his insult as panted and Naruto wiped the sweat of his brow.

"God damn it that was my strongest S-rank Water Ninjutsu that the Nidaime used to wipe off battlefields and I was only able to stop those two small attacks and the strain from turning it to my will is too much but I can't let them hurt innocents because they came after me." He thought as the pressure of the battle was kicking in and his battle instincts were now riled up as he calmed his breathing down and stared at them emotionlessly.

"I'll show you true art Kyuubi brat!" he said as the Kazekage puppet swirled around and collected the black sand together and Deidara put his hands in his hip pouch preparing the clay in his palms as they both shouted their jutsus at the same time trying to overpower him.

"Iron Release : Gathering Assault!/Explosive Clay : C2 Dragon!" both shouted at the same time as the black sand of the Kazekage puppet joined together to form a huge prism like spear and Deidara brought both of his palms forward and released a C2 powered clay dragon down to Naruto who seeing the size knew the dragon would level a small part near the Kazekage Tower as he started going through hand signs and water around him swirled as he again ended at Tori.

"Water Style : Water Dragon Jutsu!" he declared as a water dragon rose from the earlier collection of drizzled water twice the amount of Deidara's dragon size and the spear behind him came to pierce him and Sasori smirked.

"It's over now Kyuubi brat you can't save the village and yourself at the same time." Said Sasori and Naruto smirked as four Adamantine Chains shot out from his back and held the spear back inches from his back and he threw a three pronged kunai at a nearby roof and disappeared in a Yellow Flash and appeared over it panting as he saw that the area around them was now mostly cleared and he could now focus on the battle completely. Suddenly hundreds of small clay bombs appeared over him and his eyes widened as he didn't have time to repel it or throw a kunai to flash away that far to escape it as he heard a shout.

"Wind Style : Wind Scythe Jutsu!" he heard as the bombs were flown to Sasori who jumped back from the explosion as he saw his jounins appear beside him and smiled at them giving them a nod who nodded back.

"We'll distract the flying one Kazekage-sama, you deal with Sasori of the Red Sands. You can't fight them both and protect the village at the same time." Said the jounin commander and he nodded as they launched themselves on their fans and flew to a high rooftop engaging Deidara and turned to Sasori.

"I must say you have proved to be a really worthy opponent Kyuubi jinchuriki." He said and Naruto stared at him blankly as he saw the black sand starting to divide and form different piercing prisms and cursed at that damned ability that wasn't letting him get anywhere close to him.

"Come and let's settle this." Said Sasori as he threw a handful of kunai at the roofs nearby and the ones going to Sasori were blocked by his black sand. He charged up two Rasengans as Sasori narrowed his eyes in concentration at every kunai as Naruto disappeared in a Yellow Flash and appeared near a kunai and flashed away again as a spear pierced where he was and he kept it up flashing again and again and he came near the puppet and charged at it and slammed the Rasengan in it when it grinded into a wall of black sand blocking his attack and jumped back avoiding a spear tring to pierce him and he threw a kunai through the small created by his Rasengan in the black sand wall as he started adding Wind Chakra to the Rasengan left in his hand and disappeared in a Yellow Flash as a spear staked the place where he was a moment ago and caught his thrown kunai near the puppet's face and slammed his Wind Style : Rasengan in front of him and again a coating of black sand covered the puppet and Sasori smirked.

"You won't get through that Iron defence Kyuubi! It's even stronger than the one the Ichibi uses." He said laughing as Naruto charged it up and pumped it with more chakra as he focused everything into it.

"AHHHH!" he shouted as the Rasengan glowed a brilliant white and started grinding through the iron sand defence and Sasori's eyes widened in horror as he tried to move it away but it was too late.

"Eat this Wind Style : Rasengan!" he shouted as he slammed it tearing right through the puppet splintering it into oblivion as it grinded ever part of it and tore it right through the middle. Sasori's eyes widened in horror as he saw that damn brat tear apart his beloved Sandaime Kazekage puppet and he turned furious.

"How dare you destroy my precious piece of art. THAT WAS AN EXQUISITE PUPPET YOU DESTROYED. DAMN THE EXTRACTION TO HELL YOU ARE GONNA DIE!" he roared as he threw away his cloak and Naruto's eyes widened to see his body completely mechanized and turned into a puppet. Sasori opened his chest cavity and took out his last scroll from behind.

"Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets!" he shouted as one hundred puppets puffed into existence from the scroll and chakra threads shot out of his chest cavity and connected to the puppets as they flew in the air and Sasori laughed as Naruto stood panting and gazed at the flying deadly army stoically and listened to his taunt.

"Now I'll show you true strength Kyuubi brat. This is the special technique I used to take down a small village. Be honoured that you have pushed me to be forced to use this technique!" he said laughing maniacally as Naruto put a hand in his hip pouch and took out his kunai in both his hands and gazed at them.

"Only four left, I'll only have one chance to do it right. Let's see if I really have mastered the Hiraishin to the level 'he' used at his peak of strength." He thought as he closed his eyes in concentration ignoring the laugh coming from his opponent and calmed himself down as he remembered the words his father wrote for the deadliest technique that he used in the Third Great Shinobi World War at Kannabi bridge.

Close your eyes and forget your emotions completely. It takes focus like no other technique but if used can obliterate armies by itself. Forget everything and imagine there is only one thing with you : The Flash, You and the targets. Focus on each and every beacon like a grid and break the forces down strategically. I know of only one person who I trust will inherit this technique from me : My Son. Use it wisely for it is a technique that turns the tides of war and is way too powerful if used by the wrong hands for the wrong purposes. Make me proud and inherit my legacy my son.

He recited those words in his head as he pocketed two kunai and threw a couple of them forward at the army as Sasori laughed at the pathetic attempt to fight an army by himself. No matter how strong he was there was no chance…

His musings were cut off as he heard a shout.

"Ninja Art : Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted after going through blazing fast hand seals as he pumped up enough chakra to match half of his reserves that were left and the kunai multiplied in a thousand and rained down over the hundred puppets as they embedded themselves in many parts of each of his puppet and he turned wide eyed at Naruto who stared at him icily making him feel something he hadn't felt in years : Fear. He stared into those eyes and the next words he spoke made his heart skip a beat.

"Your technique took down a small village right?" he asked the stunned Sasori and continued. "My father used this technique to obliterate entire battalions of shinobi in the Third Great Shinobi World War and won the war all on his own getting the name 'Yellow Flash'. Be honoured, today you'll witness the 'Second Flash'" he said as the fight between Deidara and the jounins had stopped to see the army that Sasori had produced and the jounins were worried sick for their Kazekage seeing him getting cornered and Deidara wanted to witness his senpai's ultimate art. But what happened next made their blood run cold.

Naruto took out his last two three pronged kunai and held them in a reversed grip as he channelled wind chakra through the blades elongating them as they glowed a light blue and hummed as power coursed through them and stared at Sasori with such cold eyes that he almost shivered.

"Don't blink." Naruto whispered as he disappeared in a Yellow Flash and every one saw as several flashes of yellow lights lit up the sky and one by one the puppets started breaking up and tearing apart. Naruto's mind went into a trance as he flashed again and again and his wind chakra charged kunai cut through the puppets like hot knife through better. He didn't even see what was happening. He was moving too fast, everything seemed to be a blur as his hands swung on their own and he didn't even realize how many times he flashed as Sasori saw his army being taken down in mere moments. He didn't even realize when his final puppet fell and when a kunai was thrown at his feet and when Naruto's last wind chakra charged kunai pierced through his chest. He gazed into those icy blue eyes as his vision blurred and he uttered his final words.

"That is true art." He whispered and Naruto let the kunai go as Sasori fell backwards with a thump and he fell down to his knee panting heavily as his mind spun from the strain and blood leaked from the sides of his mouth as he whispered.

"Hiraishin Level 3 : Flash Step" he whispered to himself as the whole crowd of shinobi and civilians who were watching from afar roared in happiness.







He heard the shouts and cheers from afar as he saw the looks of pure admiration from the jounins and civilians and the look of terror on Deidara's face as he gazed at the sky with his eyes closed and smiled feeling the breeze flowing in his hair and his jacket flew as the words 'Second Flash' were now earned to be worn by him on his back.

"I did it Tou-san I finally did it, are you proud of me today?" he thought to himself as he gazed at the last shining three pronged kunai in his hand and smiled as he stood up and stared at Deidara who took a step back in fear of the blonde unconsciously. Those eyes were the eyes that were making him see his death if he continued fighting any longer. Not even Itachi had made him feel such fear and neither did he possess the skills to take down Sasori's army down in seconds.

"That Brat took down Sasori's puppet army all on his own? He really is the son of that bastard Namikaze. Even in death his accursed son still haunts Iwa shinobi now. There is no way I can take him down on my own and capture him fighting my way through the village security I have to retreat and create a big enough distraction." He thought as he took out a small clay doll from his hip pouch which he brought as a last resort and was cursing that he was pushed to use it and held it in his hands as he smirked at Naruto and channelled almost all of his remaining chakra in the doll.

"You have gotten really strong Kyuubi brat, to say that I do not fear you now would be lying. What you showed me was true art and I respect true art when I see it and I know that is what Sasori thought in his last moments too. But now let's see you save the village from this!" he said as he dropped the small doll and held a ram hand seal as the doll began to grow to epic proportions and his eyes widened in horror as it turned as big as the Kazekage Tower.

"HAHAHA EAT THIS KYUUBI BRAT. AS SOON AS IT TOUCHES THE GROUNG THE PAYLOAD WILL WIPE OUT HALF THE VILLAGE. NOW THIS IS MY TRUE ART BECAUSE ART IS AN EXPLOSION!" he said and laughed maniacally as the whole village and shinobi shouted in terror knowing there was no way they could survive such a big blast and Deidara flew away in the confusion and escaped the village.

Naruto saw the mass panic and channelled chakra to his throat making his voice boom loudly to be heard by the whole village.

"EVERYBODY GET DOW! IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, LIE DOWN ON THE STREET FACE DOWN RIGHT NOW!" he shouted authoritatively and the whole village grew silent as they heard their Kage's loud order and did as he told as he channeled chakra to his feet cracking the ground from the sudden burst of chakra and jumped up high in the air pumping chakra to his legs and threw the kunai to the roof where the bomb would make its first contact and go off and disappeared in a Yellow Flash appearing over it. Everyone peeked at their Kazekage from their lying positions as they saw him gazing up at the falling huge bomb calmly and were worried at what he was about to do as he picked the kunai from the ground and was glad that he had one left and put it in his index finger and started going through hand seals.

"Tou-san said that it could absorb and deflect even the strongest of the attacks that the bijuus made so this shouldn't be difficult either." He thought as he ended at boar and snapped his palms upwards and Kanji spread out from them into thin air as the huge bomb made contact with the Kanji and the bomb stopped and started getting absorbed into it. Everyone's eyes widened in disbelief as they saw Naruto's jutsu absorbing the huge bomb. Sweat ran down his head as he pumped every last bit of chakra into the jutsu as the Kanji glowed from the strain to the point of breaking. The strain of using such high level jutsus so frequently back to back were straining even his chakra coils to the limits. But he kept pumping the chakra to the jutsu as his heart beat was now escalating and he was panting heavily.

"Just a bit more!" he thought pumping more chakra as finally it was all absorbed and he flicked his kunai into his palms and the kanji disappeared in a yellow flash and the whole village's eyes widened in disbelief when they suddenly heard a huge explosion go off at a far off point in the desert. Naruto saw the huge explosion as a sand wave kicked the village and he covered his eyes to see a mushroom shaped dust cloud where the blast occurred.

"Space-Time Teleportation Barrier" he whispered as he saw a part of the village walls crack from the tremors they felt and everyone stood up as they saw their Kage standing there calmly when the ANBU commander and jounin commander appeared in front of him gazing at the man in awe and respect. He didn't let those two even touch a single civilian and saved half the village from near destruction standing face to face against such a powerful jutsu and his eyes that were showing them the confidence he held made them bow down to the man in front of them.

"Dragon." He whispered in a strained voice from the shout he made to the villagers earlier and Dragon immediately stiffened and kneeled.

"Hai Kazekage-sama!" he shouted and Naruto smiled a bit.

"Send a message to the leaf and recall Gaara immediately. You are in charge until he returns as I won't be able to watch over the village for a few days." He said his vision blurring and both men listening were confused and about to ask what he meant when he started falling forwards and Dragon rushed up and caught him in his arms. He put him down gently and saw that he was fully drained and heavily wounded from the slight scars and the skin was poisoned showing a bit of the blue colour where Sasori's sand grazed him as a crowd began surrounding them and Dragon shouted.

"MEDICSSS!" he shouted as everyone watched their beloved hero worriedly.

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