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Read Descent novel written by the author CrescentWolf on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


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When reviewing, I always give each category one extra star to the score. Except for newbie writers, who receive two stars. Writing Quality 5: Very few mistakes. Some missed commas or writing “your” instead of “you’re”, but it still is much better than the average original. I would only suggest for you to break up the paragraphs into smaller sizes, to make it easier to read. Also, try not to repeat character names so often. Stability of Updates 5: Personally, I don't like this category, as sometimes the writer needs more time to finish up a chapter, but may end up sacrificing the quality to keep the release rate, so I always give it a 5. Story Development 4: There’s a problem, which I myself once made, with infodumps. Whenever possible, you should break them up and spread them through the story. If the information isn’t essential to understanding what is happening, then you most likely can leave it out for later. Character Design 4: A bit early to tell, but for now the characters seem distinct enough, with little to no cliches. World Background 4: For now, there seems to be a good amount of information about the world. Review score (5+5+4+4+4)/5 = 4.4 Score given = (5+5+5+5+5)/5 = 5


The story is only thirteen chapters in when am reviewing it, so not much to go on but it's a promising start. I would recommend it to people who like fantasy/magical genre. Overall, the story gives a nice albeit a cliche feeling but it stands well on its own points as well. I would suggest the author to be a bit more thorough with the grammatical errors though they don't take away much from enjoying the read :) My only advice : You should write what you feel good and comfortable with. Don't go with what others want or what's in the fad for the moment. Keep up the good work.


I like the story. Characters are interesting. At the beginning, first 1-2 chapters are a bit confusing, but after that it gets much better. If you are into magic and unexpected, try out this novel. It gets better with each next chapter. Author: Keep on writing! You have great imagination. I will keep this novel in my library, expecting your next updates!


Dear CrescentWolf This novel was pretty good,it was just a little confusing at some points. It wasn't really because of spelling and grammar errors, although you did have a lot of that, it was just that how the situation was described was confusing because of the lack of descriptive words. The characters are ok, although I would like you to explain a bit more on how they met. I haven't read very far into this, only 5-6 chapters, but it's a good idea; you just need to work on your execution. This novel is not for me currently, but maybe if I come back after you get some help with the words and grammar it would be better. I wish you well with your novel. Sincerely, Jackson M. Walker


I think the novel is pretty interesting. I’d say it feels a little bit cliché for me, but it’s not too bad, as characters are distinct enough. As of now the story is pretty short, so it’s hard for me to imagine where you will go with the plot premise. The stability of updates is great, with chapters every day being released as of now. The biggest problem I’ve got with this novel, is the way it’s written. While the names are weird for me, but that’s something that I can ignore. The issue is, that you’ve got lots of infodumps and weird formatting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like there’s anything wrong with having infodumps by itself, but at the very least they could be split up into different paragraphs. The way it is now, when a lot of time the text is just like one, solid block going on and on, it’s very hard to read for me personally. The story itself has some promise to it, so good luck!


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you really got talent there.one can feel himself in your books world,its really good. however i think you should change your novels cover .a cover is very important to getting more audience. i experienced it when i had a nice cover but traffic was a bit slower than the previous one,but when i changed it to the current one it became better. you can use yahoo to get a nice cover i found mine on yahoo. you need to make sure that the cover matches with your story and has the same aura that your book has. so apart from the cover,your book is really good. please just keep writing even if you don't have much views but please do change the cover.


While I'm reviewing your novel while it only has a few chapters, I'd like to say the writing quality is great and I can't pick any faults with it. The stability of updates is also a five. The only thing is that the synopsis is short and wouldn't pull in a reader to delve into your novel as much as other novels, which would place a disadvantage. Great job though, and good luck! :)


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