1 Descendance

Welcome to the Omniverse!

I am Lehainoya Dawn, the God and Sovereign of this Omniverse.

The Omniverse is made up of 74 Multiverses, each with an ascended Ruler, though they are the Rulers of their Multiverses, they are not the absolute rulers nor do they have knowledge of the Omniverse and me. They are not absolute because they cannot oppose my Will.

For the last 89.3 Trillion years I have been sleeping on the Throne that commands the Omniverse.

During that time I had a passing thought, "What is it that can pull me out of this boredom?", then I chose to see what the subjects of my Omniverse were up to.

Then I chanced upon a planet named Aruzul in the 13th Multiverse Ruled by Narolka, I happened to see a mother during her labor. It seemed like she would not make it, here many people would have sighed or felt sorry. But... I felt nothing, these sentient beings that have feelings, I have wondered how it felt.

I mean when this Verse was caressed by Nothingness, there was a Will, a Will that transcended Nothingness to build upon, when that Will matured it was capable of manifesting it's thoughts. Then that will named itself Lehainoya Dawn, that Will was I, I created this Omniverse, I built it out of Nothingness, I brought Life and Death, I brought Fate and Truth, I let Time run, I was all.

Even then I was unable to be Sentient, that is the only thing that I am unable to achieve. As I am a Will borne of Nothingness, I was unable to feel this thing called emotion.

I sit on this Throne on a world named Chronosian. I got up from my Throne to see my Temple. It is made of a mix of Pearl White and Jet Black and is named Zenith, it is an open Temple with only one room (It's not like there are any other beings here to worship it as a temple anyway). With the Throne against the wall and three sides supported by Onyx Pillars.

I walked out to see the view of Solais, it is the only star of the Throne Verse, it is a sub-verse detached from the 74 Multiverses, rising from beyond the cloud covered peaks of the Tipota Mountains. It was a breathtaking view, birds carried in the wind currents, the rays of light peeking up out of the mountains, the clouds inching about.

That's when I made up my mind, I am going to find this thing called emotion, as the God-Sovereign of this Omniverse I shall not acknowledge this word called "Defeat".

I decided to insert my soul within the child of that mother, and I did. As I did my manifested body crumbled and my soul drenched with my Will dove towards Aruzul.

In an instant I was able to hear the screams a woman and some mumbled words. As my senses readjusted light shone and I was held by a girl with glasses and wearing a white shirt and knee length black skirt.

Naturally, even though I could have manifested my Will to adjust everything, I chose to live this incarnation with minimal use of my Will. So, I let Time run it's course and did nothing.

It has been a few years and I am 5 years old, I figured out the cute girl was my half-sister Nabe, my "Dad" is Kvass Ristentia and he is 40 years old, he has two wives, my "Mother" Lily Ristentia she is 23, and my dad's first wife Yolene Ristentia she is 34. We are from a Race called Water Spirits.

I found out me and my sister are the only children. I found that to be odd seeing my sister is 17 and I am the only other child, Oh well what does it matter. We are from a Race called Water Spirits.

I also found out that my family is a poor and agriculture based household. We have a wheat field, two horses, a small house and a carriage. In this world they have a Manifestation Art, they call it magic.

My dad is a retired Magic-Knight of the Cladinand Kingdom that occupies the entire south zone of the massive continent known as Arukrega. This kingdom has a population of 23 billion, with the capital city of Eurosiphia housing 3 billion people.

My mother and my step-mother do house work and tend to the wheat fields with my father. My sister practices this magic thing, in my opinion it is a complete degradation of Manifestation Arts. When I was watching her, suddenly she walked over to me saying,

"Hey Ray, wanna watch me do some magic."(Nabe)

By the way I was named Ray Ristentia. I was going to deny watching this pathetic display, but seeing the enthusiasm in her eyes I chose to watch and nodded because I was interested to be able to pin down this emotion called enthusiasm and wanted a more in-depth showing. She turned around smiling,

"Okay, I will show you a Basic Water Art called Water Arrow!"(Nabe)

She clasped her hands to concentrate and closed her eyes. Then a soft mist settled around her and it began climbing up from her feet to condense into an arrow in front of her. As soon as it began a bluish-green light emanated at her feet and started encircling her to form a pentagramish 3-D circle. It seems to be a code that helps the Manifestation process be doable with just energy or mana and no input of Will. I wonder why, you could just manifest your Will and it will make the process faster, easier and more powerful.


After Nabe released it, the completed Arrow of Water shot straight and hit a tree and put a dent in it. She ecstatically turned around to say,

"See that is a Water Arrow, when you grow older you can do it too you know. Isn't that great?"

I was kind of befuddled, thinking what she finds so interesting in that. So I chose to say,

"I can do it already."(Ray)

Big Mistake, that is all I can say.

"What? That's funny, you know it takes years of practice to be able to do that right?"(Nabe)

Seeing that she didn't believe me, I went ahead and just imitated her Water Arrow without that stupid process and just shot it at the tree. It blew a hole straight in the middle of the trunk.

"Whaaaaaaaat! How did you do that?! Mom, Dad come here!!!"(Nabe)

I began wondering if I had done something wrong and so I played everything back in my mind, and found that I had done absolutely nothing incorrect.

"What? What's wrong Nabe?"(Yolene)

"Mom, Ray just used Water Arts!"(Nabe)

"What did you say?"(Yolene)


Then both Yolene and Nabe started staring at me with a mix of emotions that I couldn't discern. Then Nabe had me display the Water Arrow again to Yolene and they brought me inside, then called a house meeting.

"You say he used Water Arts?"(Kvass)

"Yes, I verified it myself"(Yolene)

"But how is it possible, it takes at least three years of mastering the Basics to do that"(Lily)

The talks carried on for a while before they turned to me.

"Ray can you tell Mommy how you learned to use Water Arrow."(Lily)

"I just know."(Ray)

It's not like I learned it, I always could do that and anything else since the dawn of my Will. So, after a while they came to a conclusion that when I became of age they would send me to a Magic Academy for proper studies.

After they decided that, they had me study the basics using books and had me show them some of the so called Magic Arts. When my parents saw my Intermediate Water Art : Pond, they had their jaws threating to fall to the ground and wide open eyes. I could almost taste what this emotion was called, alas it seems I need more time to understand.

Like so, the days marched on.