1 prelude

This is the story of my life,  and how the world 🌎  came to its end. Hi, my name is Kasen Howard of the U. S Navy, my mother is my commanding officer, and my father works  🏢  for the president of the United  States 🇺🇸. All I know there was a huge virus outbreak in the East,  a huge thick sweep across the world 🌎 , turning everything and everyone into mutants. One bit or one scratch you will turn into one. What 😦  I was told Washington, D.C. is trying to come up with a cure for it,  please 🙏  do not tell anyone what I told you, what I said is top 🔺 secret,  what? Do you want to know what is being done?  The sea dogs 🐶  are been dispatched, on the move. once army now a terminated rescue force, retrain on survival,  I have to go know, I will be in touch with you. I cut the camera 📷  off,

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