1 Starting With A Dream

Darkness. That was all I remember from those visions. The vast nothingness and a fearful feeling in my heart. After three weeks of having a depressing, terrifying dream, I heard a female voice. The voice felt comforting but cold. The voice didn't scare me, but its purpose is something that I will never forget.

The dream was usual but felt different, like whatever was there was getting closer and approached quickly.

"You there, runt." At first, the voice startled me but I rebounded.

"Who's there?!" I said in a slightly startled voice.

"Heh, me." A giant burst of light and sound filled the empty void. Then I saw her, a girl with fiery blond hair, and elegant robes of darkness.

"You're a demon!" I shouted.

"Ahh, good observation kid, but not just any demon I'm, you know what never mind you'll find out soon enough, but for now, wake up Enzo."

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