1 Goblin

In a dark room, there is a human all tied up in an iron bed with iron chains. He looked wretched, dirty, and miserable.

'Hmm... How many experiments did I withstand?'

'What is the concept today?'

'When will it end?'

Howick is filled with immense hatred to all the humans who made him like this... a Human Experiment Vessel! If Howick ever had a chance, he would do whatever it takes to kill all the people and and satisfy his revenge.

As Howick is thinking how to kill his enemies, a knocking sound was heard and the door was opened.

"Hehehe... Howick, how are you doing? Did you miss me? Has it been a week since I last visited you? Are you ready to do my new experiment?" said a White Haired old man with a smiling face.

"mmm... mmm..."

Howick was angered and wanted to curse but he can't speak as there is a cloth in his mouth.

"Don't worry, Howick. I will take care of you. I am not like others. I will only transfer your soul, but if the spell fails, your soul will be destroyed. But don't worry, I will take care of your body. As you are the only Human Blood Knight Vessel that we have now."

The White Haired old man said as he moved a cage from the corridor to his room. Howick turned his eyes to the cage and saw a small creature with an ugly face, green skin, small horns and with a potbelly struggling in the cage.

Howick saw a Goblin in the cage. In the cage, the goblin is screaming and hitting the cage to escape. The Old man kicked the cage and shouted at the goblin.

"Shut up!!!"

The goblin screamed even more after seeing the old man kick the cage. It was afraid of him and begging him to release.


The Old man clicked his tongue and made gestures in the air.

"Howick, get ready. This will be a wonderful experience for you... hehehe... [Lost Spell - Soul Transfer]."

The Old man shouted, and the spell activated. After the spell was activated immediately, both Howick and the Goblin stopped moving for a minute.

Seeing them both stop moving, the old man's eyes shined with expectation and watched them closely without batting an eye.

'Did I succeed in casting the spell?'

'Did it fail or succeed?'

'Damn!!! This is killing me! How much time has passed?

Slowly, the goblin moved. The old man rushed towards the cage and observed the goblin movements as it slowly opened its eyes.

'It hurts... Damn, this pain is killing me.'

Howick did not even notice that he was in a goblin's body. He held his head and screamed.

"Howick? Howick? How are you feeling?"

Howick, who is screaming, noticed the old man and immediately hit the cage and cursed him. Howick suddenly realised how small he was, and his hands were green when he hit the cage. He was surprised by getting his soul transferred to a goblin's body. But he did not show it in on his face.

"Grrr... Grrr... Grrr..."

The old man was disappointed by seeing goblin's uncivilised manner.

"Sigh... I failed?"

"Poor Howick... his soul was destroyed. But at least I have his body. A human blood knight corpse is worth for a while."

Howick noticed that the old man did not know that his spell has succeeded but he will not say it. Howick wanted the old man to suffer. So, Howick acted like a mad Goblin.


The old man lost his interest in the goblin and walked to the door. The door was opened, and a man was standing in front of it.

The goblin (Howick) saw a white-haired young man standing in front of the old man. The young man was totally covered in blood.

The Old man was shocked at the scene and walked two steps back.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" The old man shouted at the young man.

The young man smiled.

"You are Setin Doladone right... The Soul Evoker."

The Old man was shocked by hearing his name from a stranger's mouth and his expression turned grave.

"Guess I'm right."

The young man's smile became wider. He slowly walked in and draw his sword. The blood covered all over him was flying, and a small part of it converged into the sword.

"Yo... you... you are a Lesser Arch-Demon Vampire. How... did you get in here?" The old man was frightened and his voice was cracked because he was not a match for the young man before him.

The old man knows how terrifying vampires are... These vampire demons have terrifying control over blood magic.

"What are you doing here... Don't you... fear the kingdom? There is a garrison near this underground prison. As long as they catch something amiss they will come here, after that you won't get out of here alive."

"So... why... don't we cooperate with each other? If you leave me. I will get you out of here."


Doladone was afraid of the vampire and wanted to buy some time until the kingdom soldiers comes here and save him. So, he assured the vampire to send him out of here.


"I don't need you to get out of here. Also, no matter how much you stall me, there won't be a single soldier to come here."

"Because they all are dead... Ha hahaha... So save your effort and die."

Hearing the vampire's words, Doladone lost his only hope and blanked out. The vampire slashed his sword to the Doladone's neck while he is in shock.


The head is separated from the body and rolled to the goblin's cage. Howick saw Doladone getting killed and screamed in joy.

"Guuu... Guuu..."

There were tears in his eyes. Howick remembered his days grieving in the underground prison where he had to count the number of experiments done to him by this mad people. But now there is none. He was satisfied now.

The Vampire saw the tears in the goblin's eyes after killing Doladone and pitied the monster.

'Sigh... how much torture did it suffer to be in joy after I killed him?'

The vampire then saw Howick tied in chains and slashed his sword again. The sword made a blood slash.


Howick was dead, and the goblin screamed loudly. After Howick saw his body getting killed, he felt immense pain from his soul as if it is getting burned.

'No, I just escaped from his hands I don't want die now. There are so many people I have to kill. I don't want to die!'

'I want revenge.... I want revenge!!!'

Inside the goblin's body there are two souls, a burning foreign soul and a shivering main soul. The burning foreign soul burned and shrank in size. The burning foreign soul will was super strong, but the shivering main soul had no will. But as the main soul of the body, it was a super giant compared to a foreign soul.

As Howick wanted to live, his will became stronger. The burning soul immediately seized the opportunity and devoured the main soul of the body to be the dominant soul.

Slowly, the pain Howick felt was lessened as he devoured. After devouring the complete soul, Howick stopped as he no longer felt pain.

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