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Demonic Descent


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What is Demonic Descent

Read Demonic Descent novel written by the author Lazy_Cat_Kush on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Abandoned by the one you love and tortured by your love rival for months on end, can you maintain your faith in humanity and cling on to your hope for life or you will admit your faith and die to escape your suffering? Or will you choose revenge and begin your descent into demonhood, abandoning everything that made you human? Follow Kael Strider in his Demonic Descent into a world that governs the world we know.

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Yup, I am a member of the shameless author club, here to give my own novel a 5-star review but can you stop me from being shameless? I don't think so. So just lay back and enjoy.


One of the best original webnovel I have ever read, it I hope the will be able to complete this novel with out any problem. 😊😊😊😊 If author can keep this update speed, it should be fine


It is a story with a future, quite entertaining despite just reading the first two episodes I can say that I liked the story quite a bit and add it to my library to read it whenever a chapter comes out


The story of a youth in love who got the short end of the stick in life, after many years of torture the youth got his chance at life, but at a great cost. Losing his humanity meant a lot, one of those is the appearance of a true human, and the fate of his soul always being plucked by an entity which forces him to embrace his deepest and darkest side, by the help of quests. all in all it a good read


Very good concept with a little bit of grammatical error. I love this kind of novel. Just waiting for more chapters to come, hope it will not be discontinued.


It's the 2nd original novel that i am reading, so I don't think its correct for me to review it but who can stop me? So I think it's a very good novel that is if it keeps getting new chapters


Just from the look you can grasp the future potential of the story, a new life and completely different journey with some resolutions in the heart. Readers who wanted some diversity and new idea and many more should look this story. Great Effort Author


Although the genre isn't what I usually go for, as far as I've read, this is a really cool novel and the writing skills are up to the standard too!


It's too good but author-san is little slow in pumping out new chapters Although he releases consistently unlike others who releases chapters like throwing trash


Synopsis shows how a person is weak in spirit, instead of accepting trials, he takes the easy road of revenge. There is a rule of Talion. there is faith, there is a understanding that the boomerang system works, karma. That following negative passions destroys a person. His soul. Not my genre, well, I hope that the author will be able to understand the nature of man, that in the end the soul aspires to the light. Successes to the author in his creative searches


One of my most favorite novels, Hope it continues for a long time. I recommend you to read it if you are still hesitating. Just GO AND READ IT.


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