1 Prologue

Another day, Ethan is seen walking through the alleyways of New York City and through the parks of Los Angeles when he is seen between two rival gangs and a shooting. Ethan, a person with decent grades and that has a brain decides to duck and run, however, he still gets caught by a 9mm copper bullet piercing his heart and his arteries, ripping apart any capillaries and muscle cells which would stop him from recovering and this causes his untimely death. And did I mention that he is a very unlucky boy? oh well, that is a story for another time...



Ethan: W-What is this? how am I still able to think, or even talk?

Ethan: Well is this Heaven, Hell or Purgatory? probably none of these because it's pitch black!

Anyways I should try and see if anyone is here.

As Ethan looks around and shouts many things like "Hello, anyone here?" or "HELLO!?!", he sees an old man in what seems to be a golden martial arts uniform standing there looking down at him as if staring at a minuscule bug.

Ethan frightened at the sight of this old man or a powerful expert starts to stutter ever so quickly that he looks like a jellyfish wobbling around everywhere, he starts by staring at him and going to say.

Ethan: G-good day to you, A-a could you tell me who you are? Oh, Venerable One!"

???: Hmmm, I see that you have finally made it into my humble Abode!" He says this in his booming voice and starts to stroke his very large beard.

Ethan saw the man looking at him asks the most obvious question a person can do when they see a very powerful person who has managed to secure themselves a role above the so-called Saint Realm in Cultivation standards at the very least.

Ethan: Oh Great One! Are You Perhaps Linked To God? Or A Very High Deity Sent By God Himself?"

???: No, I am a God, or mainly the God OF Death and The Creator of Godly Demons!, You might want to ask me many questions but time is very limited so all I can say is that I have given you a chance to go to one of those so-called Cultivation Worlds however all you have to do is follow the Secret and Demon Quests Given Out Every few Years, If you complete those there will be very many rewards awaiting you to be collected! Do you want to Accept Or Decline Choose Wisely!!!"

Ethan, the massive fan of Systems and Cultivation Worlds that he immediately says, "Yes! Of course your Godliness!, it would be in my highest honor to accept what you have played upon me so openly, anyone would be a fool to decline!"

???: "Good, Good! Very Good! now that you have chosen please spin this wheel behind me to choose a system which will follow you to make you become someone referred by many as a God just like myself."

Ethan walks up to the humongous wheel behind the diety, takes a deep breath and spins with his non-existent strength, it spins and spins until it stops at the Daemonic Cultivation System, and above it, it has a JACKPOT sign showing that Ethan has won a very large amount and that his future will be peerless!

???: "Good! Now that you have this system do you want anything else that you desire? As a special Welcome Gift? such as other Beginners Gist the system will give you? or a Gift Pack that you can open at Every 10 Levels?"

Ethan: " Oh Great One! I will take a Gift Pack every 10 levels to help me complete the missions that you will issue through the system and also an inside knowledge and an eye power that can tell me if someone has malicious intent or not!"

???: " Yes I can do that for you and I will upgrade your eye power and upgrade you from a Human Low Tier to a Supreme Talent Higher Tier!"

???: Now Now, Have fun and try to do as many quests as you can before you do anything else!

Goodbye, my entertainment giver...." He says the last part very quietly as to not let Ethan hear of it.

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