Demonic Cultivation System Book

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Demonic Cultivation System


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What would I have thought? Making a name for myself was already hard enough.... but now I have gotten into an "Accident" which was created by those so-called "Gods", oh how I wish to destroy them sluggishly. Ethan Miles, the boy with the unluckiest life, was walking through the streets of New York when somehow he had gotten in the crossfire of two gangs (Cliche much?). But now he has been given a chance to reincarnate into a Cultivation world for the Death Gods Bidding. With the only chance to become stronger and change his unluckiness into something that Gods would be envious of he takes the offer and is now thrown to the Wuxia/Xianxia worlds that he used to read online. ----------------------------------------------- This is my first time creating a novel that has anything to with cultivation, I hope that I could get many reviews and if you could or can share this so that I can get even more reviews to improve myself in the art of writing something that actually has the talent and is regarded as a Hidden Gem. You may think this is a big goal fr someone like me but I wish to do this so that I can get better at writing and that I have a hobby if I ever get bored. Thank you for spending your precious time reading my First Cultivation book and i hope you enjoy it.