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Demon Slaying System


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What is Demon Slaying System

Demon Slaying System is a popular web novel written by the author balubalubalu666, covering SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, LEVELING UP, MAGIC, GAMEELEMENTS, DEMONS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.2M readers with an average rating of 4.67/5 and 64 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 160 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Main Character ( Jian lin ) loses his family and his life at last in power struggle and ploys of his own family members and his close associated friends. Jian lin wants revenge, he was selected by system ( demon slaying system) "Ding, host has been selected for Demon slaying system " "Ding, host has obtained the rights to become a player , does host accept " ''Ding, host has been allowed with 10 seconds time to consider , failure of acceptance leads to perishing of host's soul in myriad number of realms " " Demon.... Slaying... System?", "Host....? " " Well, as long as i have my revenge , i can sell my soul to the Devil or can become an demon itself " Jian lin has to prove his worth to system by completing certain tasks and trails with other candidates that were selected by system to become an Demon slayer. Can our mc finish these trails ? Can he compete with others ? Is there any hope for his revenge?. Stay tuned !!. —————————————————————————— Notes : This is first novel, and english isn't my first language, so there are few gramatical mistakes that can be spotted in my novel, but it gets better as you proceed through next chapters. You can bookmark my chapters in case you liked it and it really helps any author such as myself to get editors attentive and the quality of chapters would increase sharply by then. Commentig the chapter is as worth as gold, like the case of bookmarking. If you think the story deserves your power stones you can vote for it as it will encourage, me the author. Release schedule : At alternate days, bonus chapters, either at Sunday or Saturday. During exam times i may take small breaks from updating. During vacations, i will release daily to compensate the chapters I had not released during exams. Don't just look at the grammar mistakes and throw curses at my chapters, The chapters will be rewritten by me slowly and be updated as later times, so please have patience. Well the story is mine, but the cover belongs to the artist.


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Hi readers i am balubalubalu666 author of Demon slaying system. Five stars, not because i am shameless but because i like my work and does not want others to think that even author himself is not confident in his work, so why would I. I want to make a schedule that readers may prefer as the statistics on my dash board, provided by webnovel suggests that uploading time between GMT 3 - 4 pm is the best, maximum number of readers are preferring to read my novel. I will upload my chapters on alternate days. Bonus chapters, I may upload them on Sunday or Saturday . Tough my first few chapters have few grammar mistakes, I will try to correct it and also improve the quality of the content as I proceed to next chapters. This book is my first work, plz bookmark it of you like my work XD, that will support me very much.


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Actually I'm new to this webnovel things and I don't know weather my review will be taken seriously or not, but after reading this novel I have seen a new category in Reincarnation-system based types and the McDonald's has been reincarnated to different world, the story is like an Chinese to Europe cultured or we called wuxia based and system based types. But it's cool, and well a nice one at that but the problem is the category of +18 but only few scenes are depicted to beatured ones, so expecting a great Lewds are not present." Demon slaying system "update it daily lol will ya.


Well let me be frank a few points about this novel DSS that I fell I must tell the readers till I had read. Things seen in this novel demon slaying system A reincarnation of main character. A fantasy world ( elves, demons, beastmen, giants, etc) A system based novel ( levelling type ). A Child protagonist ( a prodigy type ). A school or academy pursuing based . A mysterious background ( unknown ). A good story, and author has to improve grammar or hire an editor. A new thing is that a author had made a wuxian based character into an Eastern fantasy type. And another new thing is that system sends him to multiple dimension to conquer and finish it's quests or missions before he was sended to his reincarnation. Cases of mutants and variables with much strength and powerthan ordinary cases are seen are seen. A funny system, who sometimes makes pranks in MC.


Hey there Mr author, update more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more moremore more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more


Let me be say, yeah I enjoyed it, I hate long stories, takes too much time, tough few grammar mistakes as the beginning it's not a problem when we compare it with the concept in the story it's good, and I hope the update will be as steady as he's doing , plz provide bonus chapters at the end of we which makes sense, and not in between, and five stars since I wanted to sincerely support this guy. More importantly don't get burned out lol, author ╰(*´︶`*)╯╰(*´︶`*)╯╰(*´︶`*)╯


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I have a note I want to say to my fellow friends and readers, this novel it seems to focus more on a tag called child protoganist, the past life, as Jian lin in Mark White body at second life, introduction of system tough appears to be cliche, but has more to it, the explanation of new features, world background, his research could not be tossed aside. The authors makes few grammar mistakes I had difficulties at first chapters, but ain't the cases on the preceded ones, now at chapter 30 his grammar got too better than before, I can understand what he was trying to narrate, yes each author has his own style of narrating which gets prominent later, it takes time, maybe his first novel, but well a good novel, go for it. I hope author can make 300+ chapters, keep updating, we readers will read it for ya.


Though there are some grammar mistakes and typos, this story is like a translated novel. The content and direction, this author obviously had done his research and/or read a lot of chinese novels. He also updates chapters daily and constantly, so don't worry about it being dropped or not updating suddenly. If you're looking for a good system novel to read, try picking this hidden gem up.


5 stars, support the author, nothing much nothing less, ain't I cool na, good story nice development and nice updates. If we talk about genre reincarnation and system


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So, I was able to read the whole story in one go. This shows that the story has potential and the chapters are long, unlike some webnovels these days. Although the system seems cliche, it's actually better than most of the novel's. Hope the author will continue it.


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I love this novel and just binged all the chapters however I think that the pacing,especially in the beginning chapters,could have been handled a bit better as it felt like we were just going from one story to a whole other part of the story in just one or two chapters without clarifying anything. However I love this story.


This is the first eastern fantasy novel I've read. The characters and the main storyline seem very interesting and well developed. I like how the author manages to give importance to the secondary characters, making them an integral part of the plot. Over time this novel will continue to grow, I'm sure of it!


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This novel is very interesting, with the addition of several unique characters inside. The system provides a sort of modernity with the MC’s level up function. The only problem here is that the grammar and spelling may be erratic at times, so I advise the author to find a proof reader of some sort to help with the process. Overall, I would recommend this novel for someone who likes system novels.


I enjoyed the read. The author was able to grasp my attention from the beginning to the latest chapter. There were grammar slips but it didn't wane the interest in reading the story. Don't judge the story based on the earlier chapters. If you stick longer, the story gets better and the author's writing improved a lot. Give it a try.


Great system cultivation novel. The writing quality is very good. Little to no errors that were ignorable and didn't affect the flow of the novel. The characters are well fitted to their roles from the little that I read. Good characters means good novel. The storyline is also developing nicely. I particularly love the world build up, a xuanhuan novel with a perfect world settings. A gem in the making. Kudos. Please, keep it up.


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