Demon Slaying SystemDemon Slaying System

Demon Slaying System

by balubalubalu666

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Main Character ( Jian lin ) loses his family and his life at last in power struggle and ploys of his own family members and his close associated friends. Jian lin wants revenge, he was selected by system ( demon slaying system) "Ding, host has been selected for Demon slaying system " "Ding, host has obtained the rights to become a player , does host accept " ''Ding, host has been allowed with 10 seconds time to consider , failure of acceptance leads to perishing of host's soul in myriad number of realms " " Demon.... Slaying... System?", "Host....? " " Well, as long as i have my revenge , i can sell my soul to the Devil or can become an demon itself " Jian lin has to prove his worth to system by completing certain tasks and trails with other candidates that were selected by system to become an Demon slayer. Can our mc finish these trails ? Can he compete with others ? Is there any hope for his revenge?. Stay tuned !!. —————————————————————————— Notes : This is first novel, and english isn't my first language, so there are few gramatical mistakes that can be spotted in my novel, but it gets better as you proceed through next chapters. You can bookmark my chapters in case you liked it and it really helps any author such as myself to get editors attentive and the quality of chapters would increase sharply by then. Commentig the chapter is as worth as gold, like the case of bookmarking. If you think the story deserves your power stones you can vote for it as it will encourage, me the author. Release schedule : At alternate days, bonus chapters, either at Sunday or Saturday. During exam times i may take small breaks from updating. During vacations, i will release daily to compensate the chapters I had not released during exams. Don't just look at the grammar mistakes and throw curses at my chapters, The chapters will be rewritten by me slowly and be updated as later times, so please have patience. Well the story is mine, but the cover belongs to the artist.

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