Demon Slayer: Is It Wrong? (Rengoku x Tanjiro)
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Demon Slayer: Is It Wrong? (Rengoku x Tanjiro)


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What is Demon Slayer: Is It Wrong? (Rengoku x Tanjiro)

Read Demon Slayer: Is It Wrong? (Rengoku x Tanjiro) fanfiction written by the author breoke on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


(Please Read I beg of you even though it's a bit long I just need ground rules) Oh hello!! You're new I suppose? Well anyways welcome I'm, not the best writer when it comes to writing novels because of grammar you know. Don't mistake me for being young my grammar is just horrible. Anyways before you are intended to read this I would like to go over a few things. 1. This story will start slow, I'm not going to make them like getting married like the first chapter or something because that's what a lot of people do and it annoys me so much I want all of you guys to enjoy this novel as much as I do. 2. I do NOT own these characters 3. Don't go in the comments hating or some shit because of their "age difference" 15 and 20 isn't bad. For all, I know you're probably reading some shit where a 2-year-old is dating some 50 years old. You're the corny person who looked this up in the first place. 4. THERE WILL BE SEGGY SCENES 5. Sorry if some of these chapters I end up writing are short, I don't have the best motivation, and I'm pretty busy, so don't go hating or getting pissed because some chapters are short. There will be long chapters people. 6. Now before we begin this is a bl, rengoku didn't die, and that's it for the changes (i may make an alternate ending where he does) 7. There will be warnings when the hot seggy scenes come up 8. AND DON'T BLAME ME FOR SPOILERS U CLICKED ON IT STUPID RAT Now enjoy the story, you corny people ;)


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