1 Chapter 1 : Prologue

Ohh, hi, reader. This is the story of the strongest demon lord who is always locked up in the Castle. Yups, this is my story, the story where I will finally go out having fun fighting other beings who are stronger than me, or at least that's what I want.

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My face is serious.

"I've been thinking about this for a long time. I want to get out of this castle,"

Stevan was surprised. Turning firmly at me with a confused look.

Yeah, I expected that he would show such an expression. Right now we are in the living room, relaxing on the sofa and drinking green tea accompanied by the fireplace.

"Wait wait wait, what do you mean, brother? Don't joke. You are a king. If you leave, what will happen to this kingdom?"

He is very serious, how could not. Anyone would be surprised when they got a surprise like a king who wanted to leave his castle. They will think about the fate of the kingdom and who will replace the king in the future? But to answer it all, I've thought long ago.

"Well I was thinking of giving my kingdom to my next heir. You are Stevan,"

Now he was even more shocked, his forehead creased. He stood up from the sofa while continuing to stare at me with an expression of disbelief at what I said.

Ohh my brother, I understand how you feel. I've felt it too. When the atmosphere was peaceful and calm suddenly the king took his throne on you, I really understand your surprise sob * crying *. Moreover, my father used to say it proudly while patting my shoulder.

But it was surprising because this was the first time that the Demon King resigned because he wanted to get out of the castle to breathe fresh air in a foreign world. In the previous case, a demon king bequeathed his throne because he was quite old and after several months since the king inherited the throne, the demon king died.

Apart from the demon races, in this world there are many other races such as dwarves, humans, elves, demi-humans (half-animal humans) and many more.

That elven woman ... how should I put it. Long pointed ears with a beautiful smile and slender body, anyone will definitely be enchanted by her appearance.

"No, brother, no. I'm still too early to rule this kingdom," and unfortunately as I said, I also have a reason to answer that question.

"Ahhh, take it easy, my servant .."

"Sebas, come here,"

Someone appears from behind me. He is a very strong hand-to-hand fighter. His posture is tall and handsome. His age is more or less the same as me, around 200 years. And my brother Stevan is in his 180s now.

And finally the final polish to win my little brother's heart.

"Ahh as well as this, this is the ring I will give you__," I took out two rings from my magic bag. My little brother looks a little curious.

I told him about these two rings that would serve different functions. The red ring is a ring that is used as a special communication tool between me and the ring holder. This ring has the special effect of not being disturbed by any magic barrier so it will still function properly in any situation.

The second is a green ring. I made it myself and I have tested it. This ring is very rare and only one in the world. Actually I can make it easy. This ring has a magic-breaking effect, meaning that if you activate this ring using your mana, all kinds of magic directed at you will vanish instantly.

This ring was made from [Craft] magic and I cast [Canceling] magic. This [Craft] magic can produce all kinds of objects and buildings just by saying the item's name. but there is also a limit to the items that can be shaped according to levels. I created the magic myself [Canceling].

My little brother's eyes sparkled. He nodded in agreement without any rejection. I've always understood my little brother habits, easily persuaded by some special limited edition items. But I will still be calm even if my brother becomes king because he is accompanied by Sebas.

Alright, it's time for me to confirm my going to Elena, my little sister. Actually I'm not comfortable around him, the reason will I tell you when we get to my sister's room. Oh yeah, by the way my sister is the best healler in the demon kingdom. Maybe one day I will be able to collaborate with him, considering that I am a Magic Sword. One of my talents.

Before my hand reached the door lever of Elen's room, suddenly Elen broke the door to her room and walked out wearing adventurous clothes. It seems I know what he will say next.

"Hi Drey,"

Wait! Since when did my name become Drey?

"Hey, Elen. Don't go around changing your brother's name and what's with your clothes?" I do know she wears adventurous clothes, but just look at his appearance. It's too vulgar for men to see. Yes ... but if I see it it's okay hehehe* evil laugh *

"Ahhh this--," ohh shit she deliberately accentuated that part and flaunted it,

"I'm going to follow you out of here, I'm also tired of being in the palace," Gosh, I'm sorry I said something about the collaboration earlier. I was expecting him to say that. As you know, my sister is a brocon.

note: "Brocon" is a term for someone who loves (as a lover) her brother

"No no no, what are you thinking? I will venture into a world that is unknown to us. I will not take the risk of taking you along, and also why do you know that I am leaving here?"

Of course I refused, just imagining it makes me dizzy. She's very clumsy and sometimes she won't do what I say. And I can't always protect him, how can I include him with me.

"Just imagine, if you take me. I will always be able to heal if you get hurt and you can also protect me if I'm in danger,"

Actually I was just thinking about it, but it would still be risky. And also actually without him I would be able to heal myself because basically I have the same ability as him at the ultimate level.

I have also developed and created two new magic namely [Regenaration] which can heal all kinds of wounds in an instant and has a greater effect than [Healing] magic and also [Soul Return] which is magic that can pull back souls that go to the body. physical or also called "awakening magic".



"But first, you have to change into a more closed shirt. I wouldn't take you if your clothes were that vulgar,"


"Second!" I won't let him talk after this. "You must take my word for it when we go!"

"Yes Dre__"

"And the third one,"

Her face looked red with annoyance, her lips pulled upwards. But I let it go, her face looks cute and beautiful when she's upset.

"I'm leaving tomorrow, so there's no need to rush,"

She patted her forehead. "Ahh yeah I forgot. Um .., how about tonight we soak together in a mixed bath?" She said it excitedly without the slightest embarrassment.

I thought she would say that so I interrupted him earlier. I wondered why she dared to ask such a man. What's more, her own brother.

"No, I won't. Thanks for the offer but I want to still keep my virginity. Okay, I'll go first," I immediately left him.

Her face grew red. How many times has she asked me to take a shower with him. If when we were kids it was okay, it's already 160 years old my sister still asks me to take a bath. Obviously I refused.

Okay, okay. Now it remains only to prepare for my departure tomorrow. Actually I want to bring even how many things it doesn't matter. All of that will not burden me because I have a "magic bag" that can accommodate any item without increasing the burden I carry.


Tonight I am sitting by the window looking at the bright stars in the sky. Tomorrow is my departure and I think I want to say goodbye to these stars temporarily. They stay with me every night and I think about it. In the world that I will visit later, maybe I will be able to see more clearly towards that star and maybe I will find a new star that is brighter and can accompany me better.

I took a book from my private bookshelf. After that I returned to my bed. The book that I took is brown in color, looks like an old book that is dusty and has the words "Outer World". I used to find this under my father's bed when I cleaned up the remains of my father's room after he died. I've read a little about this book and came across an interesting story about my father in the outside world. Finally I also brought this book to my room and stored it neatly in my personal bookshelf.

I wiped off the dust that was plastered on the book then opened it slowly. On the cover of the book, there is a picture of the face of my father and some of his friends, which he said came from the outside world. Below the picture are the names of the people in the picture. When I read it, the person to my father's right is known as Duke.

Duke was a student at a magic academy who is now a royal advisor. Another one is a girl beside him named Claire, a lovely name, I thought. Claire is the Duke's lover who is described here that they finally married after the Duke became royal advisor.

Then on the opposite page there is a map image which is quite wide. Could it be my dad who drew all of this? Okay, putting that aside, I found something interesting. My father marked a point on the map. In my opinion it is the academy where they used to meet.

On the third page I found a picture of an extraordinary sight, green shady trees everywhere and also a very clear river flow. It's completely different from the situation in this demon kingdom.

I will honestly say. During these decades I finally reincarnated, I only always stayed in the castle even when attacking other worlds I only ordered my men and used my magic from a distance. maybe the appearance of the world is different now.

This scene is what I wanted to see there for the first time. Then on the next page explains about the various races that exist in the outside world. Okay, maybe that's enough to read this book first. I keep it in my magic pouch so it won't be forgotten when I leave tomorrow. I turned to the stars, good night my lonely friends. I closed the window and grabbed the blanket and closed my eyes.


"All right, none of the preparations have been forgotten. I'm leaving, Stevan,"

"goodbye oniichan !!"

It seems my little sister is the most excited about starting this journey. Yeah well, maybe I also need a friend on my way so it's not lonely.

Note: "oniichan" is a Japanese nickname for an older brother.

We walked through the village road towards the forest in the north. It is said in this book that there is a portal that connects this world with the outside world. This is the first time I know about it because all this time I have been opening the gates by force using [Dimensional Destruction].

I was surprised that the villagers found out that I was king and bowed to salute us along the way. As we know, we're in adventurous mode now so it's hard to spot. But even the villagers know who we really are. That means they have high loyalty towards me. I smiled at them too.

All right, now that we have walked through the forest and are in a river that is black, so different from the one in this picture, why is the demon world like this, I thought. My little sister started to get scared when we were in the forest through the darkness and always held the hem of my shirt.

When I was walking through the forest, there was a white light behind the thick black trees. I was curious and approached it. It turns out that this is the portal we are aiming at.

"Alright, are you ready?" Elen nodded behind me. We also entered into the portal and disappeared in the shadow instantly in the arid forest.

Instantly all the people with great magic power felt the immense magic power entering their world. The incident was quite shocking to the world.

When I opened my eyes, the surprise couldn't leave my face.

And this is where our adventure begins.


A young man and several other men wearing black suits with glasses were gathered at the round table. Suddenly they turned to a direction.

"Do you feel it?" Someone of them said.

"Yes, what an extraordinary aura, could it be that someone extremely strong has entered this world?"

"We'll find out soon, maybe this is our chance to take advantage of that power."

The man's smile gave off a pitch black aura. the other men looked at each other then nodded with a smile.