IFRIT: Now That they're done with, My next goal is to take over all the realms

{ Ifrit starts walking and on his way sees someone walking towards him}

{Unknown Comes up to Ifrit}

IFRIT: Who are you?

Unknown: My Name is Agregora

IFRIT: Don't Tell me...

Agregora: Yes, I was created By "Him" right after he created you.

IFRIT: Oh...So that's what He meant by consequences..That Bastard!

Agregora: What Are you talking about?

IFRIT: When I Made a deal with him, For him allowing me to use my power however i want, he said He's going erase Elizabeth And There will be some other consequences, And i guess letting you back into this timeline was the consequence.

Agregora: Well then i suppose you know the reason he put me back into this timeline?

Ifrit: Not quite..

Agregora: To Kill You..*Smiles*

Ifrit: Oh..Well You can try *Laughs*

Agregora: *Moving His hand's*

Ifrit: What Are you doing?

Agregora: Why Isn't It Working!

Ifrit: What Isn't working? * laughs*

Agregora: I was Rewriting you out of existence..and for some reason it did not work! What are you?!

Ifrit: Don't tell me that you didn't know *Chuckles*

Agregora: Didn't Know what?

Ifrit: Oh My...You really dont know, I have the ability to adapt and mimic anyone's power and ability's as soon as i see and feel them, As soon as i saw you, my power adapted to your Power And Mimicked all of your ability's. i passively transcend any of my enemy's inaccessibly

Agregora: What do you mean transcend any of your enemy's inaccessibly?

<unknown demon appears >

Unknown demon : Why is it so hard for you to understand? im going to put this as simple as possible...my Lord Overpowers you inaccessibly

Agregora: who are you? and Ifrit And How Long does it take to you to adapt to my power and mimic my ability's?

Ifrit: As Soon as My aura Sense's you Or My Eyes See you.

Agregora: Well it doesn't matter, Because You'll die by my hand regardless of you copying my power.

Ifrit: pathetic, i want you to lose all of your powers.

Agregora: What's Going On?! Why am i shaking

Ifrit: Because you just lost all of your powers, and immunity's.

Agregora: What?!? How?!?

Ifrit: Because I control reality with my voice, and all i had to do is say that i want you to lose all of your powers, Now Begone.

{Agregora Vanishes}

Ifrit: So You want to Go against me The writer...well I hope you find a better opponent for me next time..

+To Be Continued+

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