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Demon God Azure


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Demon God Azure was a being so powerful that even the OmniVerse was scared of him. He was a ruthless being that rose in power outside of existence. Azure was a being born before everything and nothing, a being born at the same time as existence itself. Azure grew strong naturally, so strong that not only the OmniVerse feared him but so did existence itself, he could destroy existence in a millisecond and still be alive... he broke all rules, no, rules weren’t anything to him, they were ants. If you say it’s impossible then he will make it possible... however what if one day he put an end to his own misery? Killing himself, the only way he could die! Yet not even that worked, now he is stuck in a body of a boy on the streets, a powerless boy that lives in a world where people have powers and fight to live past all the rampant monsters and dungeons!

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