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What is Demiworld: Laum

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Maharlika is an archipelago lying where the sun rises. One of its beautiful islands was named by its native ‘Abbalon’ in where Laum, a sixteen-years-old and a son of the famous Rajah Suliman, lived. Laum was also destined to lead his village when the right time comes. However, things had changed and peace was disturbed in the islands of Maharlika. It was when foreign ships anchored near the shore of one of the islands. Some Rajah and Datus welcomed their new visitors with feast but some grew suspicious to the foreigner’s true intent. One of them was Laum’s Uncle. He even declared that their heads will be speared and will be the next decoration in their village if they don’t leave his island alone. The foreigners were unhappy with his aggression and loaded their cannons to annihilate the village of Laum’s Uncle. However, Laum’s uncle upheld his name, Pula-pula (Red-red), by bathing his whole body with the blood of the foreigners. He even killed the captain of the ships. The news quickly reached on the foreigner’s homeland, The Empire of Pantala. Instead of being displeased by the death of the captain, Pantala Empire celebrated for they found a reason for them to give retribution to the natives and conquered the new lands. They sent a message to the natives of the Maharlika; Submit to the Empire or taste its retaliation. Some villages resisted but most of the leaders sought that bloodshed was unnecessary and they yielded before the Empire. One of these leaders who surrendered was Rajah Suliman, brother of Pula-pula. What’s more intriguing was the council of Rajah Suliman advised him that they should compensate for the captain’s death and present Rajah Suliman’s inheritor to the Emperor of Pantala. Things went bitter for Laum. It was decided without his consent or even he was given notice about the council’s decision, he could do nothing to change it. A week after the decision reached Laum, he got on board into a merchant ship to travel west, to meet the emperor. He came with a pixie Marikit, who was always with him and his partner. But as he reached the Port of Pantala, she was picked up by a witch just to learn that the Pantala Empire was uninterested about him and he was going instead to another kingdom, the Iron Kingdom of Ferrum. A new life awaited Laum. New friends, new things, new family, new enemies. Perhaps he will see love on the foreign land. When he lived his new life on this foreign land, ironically, Laum will discover the epic origins of his homeland, the stories behind it, the truth that only a few knows, and the biggest betrayal he is yet to see.

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Since the setting is familiar for me, and i like times during Rajahs and maharlikas, it has met my expectations. Maybe make the reader imagine more when it comes to highlighted places, things and people/characters ☺ keep it up creator!


I found some basic grammar errors, but I appreciate and support the author's passion and soul. Keep up the good work, buddy and keep on improving. Lovelots & Happy Hunting! 💚


Unique writing style for this site. Not a bad start, but at the beginning of the first chapter I wanted to quit. Now I want to read something diferent. I will read this later.


I'll try to read after I wake up... Then change the review. I'll try to read after I wake up... Then change the review. I'll try to read after I wake up... Then change the review. I'll try to read after I wake up... Then change the review.


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