1 Chapter 1 Reminiscing the past

(Note the sarcasm)

Percy (pov)

The names Jackson, Percy Jackson well it used to be, now the name is Lou Young and this is the story about how I died and got a second chance to live...

__________ past _________

Everything was quiet here in camp half blood until I heard a scream in the direction of the camp border, I took out my sword Riptide and ran in the direction of the scream, and if had known what would happened in the near future I wouldn't have gone but blame damn hero complex; when I arrived I found my friend the Minotaur following a boy, so I yelled

at the Minotaur "hey meat head over here" the Minotaur looked at me and started attacking me, and not brag or anything but I managed to kill it in less than a minute, the boy was on the ground so like the good person I'm extended my hand to help him up when he suddenly surprised me when he took it he pushed me and took off my sword, then everyone from the camp came and the boy began claiming how he had killed the Minotaur while I watched, then my wise girl Anabeth stood in front of me and asked if it was true what the kid, who I think had said his name was Nathanael Green; said and I told her That he was not true and he believed me, then we arrived at the dining room pavilion where Nathanael was claimed and lady's and gentleman guess who had claimed him well it was non other than my wonderful father Poseidon *cue sarcasm * I was happy that i had another brother I thought it would be fun but I was wrong. Not even two days have passed and everyone began to reject me except my friend Nico and Annabeth, because Nathanael has been stealing things and blaming me and everyone dumb enough to believe him I have also been noticing that Annabeth has been moving away little by little but I being the seaweed brain that I am ignore it.

The next day I decided to ask Athena for permission to marry Annabeth so she told me that I had to do Hercules' 12 Labors for her blessing and I accepted.

It took me 6 months to accomplish the tasks but I did it, before I got to where Athena had a ring made with an owl and a wave, so I went to Athena and she gave me her blessing. Then I went to Annabeth's cabin and knocked on the door and her half brother Malcolm appeared so I asked "where is Annabeth" he looked at me with pity and said "she is on the beach but you will not like what you will see" I ignored him and kept walking for the beach I found Annabeth and Nathanael kissing and my father congratulating them I ran to where they were and I said "how could you do this to me, I was going propose to you you" then i threw the box with the ring and I ran without giving her a chance to speak When I got to my cabin, I started packing all my clothes when I finished, I opened the door and was met with Nico and he said "I'm going with you, I consider you my brother and I won't leave you alone," I told him and we fled from Camp Half Blood.


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some characters and the plot at the start belongs to Rick Riordan after that it's aaaall me

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