32 The T.S.S: Tiny Spy Simps.

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❞𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕠𝕝 𝕕𝕠𝕥𝕙 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕜 𝕙𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕨𝕚𝕤𝕖, 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕚𝕤𝕖 𝕞𝕒𝕟 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨𝕤 𝕙𝕚𝕞𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗 𝕥𝕠 𝕓𝕖 𝕒 𝕗𝕠𝕠𝕝.❞

-William Shakespeare

She met his eyes, Dark pools, And she shivered, Not at the emotion but the stillness, Like she was dunked in cold water.

GLaDOS quickly broke eye contact, He was different, She had seen him only a few minutes ago yet he had changed so much, If before he somewhat seemed to her like a machine that pretended to be human then now the mask was completely off, His true face revealed to the world.

He was now something that made her very afraid, An unstoppable force, One that could be slowed down or delayed but never stopped, A being who solely existed to pursue a goal. It scared her, If she ever became obsolete in his eyes, She would be discarded without a second thought.

It's scary when machines start acting like humans, But it's equally as scary when humans act like machines.

GLaDOS knew that she was clearly acting unusual and that she shouldn't show weakness Infront of a predator, She wanted to look at him in the eyes and talk to him like usual but she just couldn't make eye contact, He didn't point out her obviously strange behavior to both her relief and anxiety.

Even after poking fun at him he was still just staring at her unblinkingly, Zero movement, Like a wax statue.

After a few seconds of stress inducing silence he finally spoke.

"I need you to go out and gather information on this world, Take Marry with you, She will be useful, Don't use her to do anything too big like turning the planet into paper clips. You will most probably be watched constantly by the spirits of this world, Give me a piece of you, If your body is destroyed then I will reconstruct it. Search for the other two beings not of this world and gather as much information on them as possible, Make sure to absolutely not make any contact with them unless you judge it absolutely necessary, If you enter a confrontation with them make sure to capture them alive, If that proves impossible then retreat. If that also proves impossible then self destruct leaving no trace or information behind", D said in a neutral robotic voice, Giving a wide array of instructions.

"Right, And let me guess, While I'm out doing all the work, You are going to be standing around, Smelling and being useless. I heard that dumping garbage in the ocean these days is quite popular, Just on a totally unrelated note.", GLaDOS replied as she usually would, She then gave him a lock of her white hair.

The scenery then went through an instantaneous change as the entire crater became instantly covered in snow that was falling gently from the sky, The only untouched part being a small circle where both GLaDOS and D stood.

"You have 86 seconds before the snow kills the two brains implanted inside you.", D Informed GLaDOS before letting out a strange whistle in a frequency so low not even dogs could hear.

After the whistle, The mass of nano bots in clothes form known as Marry quickly slithered onto GLaDOS's body and took a form identical to her clothes.

D with a single low frequency whistle manage to transfer control over Marry to GLaDOS and forcefully connect them without even a lick of consent required from GLaDOS.

This was a reminder to GLaDOS of the absolute control D held over her, A whistle like that is probably all that's needed to end her existence. For her to be deleted just to get rebooted with no memory of her life what so ever, For all she knew it might have already happened countless times.

Just a toy for her creator's convenience and entertainment, Made to suffer only to be rebooted once she rebelled or ceased being useful.

Nonetheless she still left the crater to carry on her orders. There was science to be done and that always brought joy to her cold orange heart.

Walking away from the crater, GLADOS unhinged her mouth like a snake and out of it swarmed out hundreds of small flying insects.

They were essentially just a bunch of extremely small cameras with wings, They were cheap and easy to make and would serve as GLaDOS's eyes, Spreading her reach to all corners of this planet.

She would need to make a lot more however so after uploading the schematics to Marry she made her start with production, Ordering her to first produce a million units.

Marry slipped off of GLaDOS, Spread out and got into work.

While Marry was doing that GLaDOS decided to continue her study of the local organic life-forms.

Most of the surface dwelling creatures and birds had probably escaped due to fear of the explosion, Her little simps- I mean scouts hadn't found much yet as their travel speed wasn't all that fast so GLaDOS decided to look underneath.

She laid on the ground and started observing every fiber of every blade of grass carefully, It was...completely normal grass, Completely identical to the one from her birth world.

This was a 𝘔𝘈𝘚𝘚𝘐𝘝𝘌 discovery! This world was so different yet the grass was the same, She wondered what could also be the same? Were the trees the same?! Were the weeds the same?! Were the ores the same?!

There were so many new things in this world, So many new life-forms, She wanted to dissemble them molecule by molecule and reassemble them again! For science!

So many new experiments to try, So much science to do it made her shiver!

<4 weeks later>

In a gigantic superlab somewhere deep underground, All sorts of machines could be seen preforming all sorts of tasks but the most activity was delegated to the thorough study and testing of all sorts of hybrid and unknown creatures.

Throughout this month GLaDOS managed to do many things and managed to gather a great amount of information.

Through the help of Marry she managed to make millions of tiny spy simps and scatter them all over the world to gather information for her.

She also managed to make a gigantic lab in just two weeks, Nano bots were very useful. Building such a lab from scratch would have taken GLaDOS at least half a decade but using nano bots it only took a week, She even had enough time to make a few satalites and launch them into orbit.

GLaDOS dedicated the vast majority of her time to studying and cataloging every species she came across including humans.

The humans of this world weren't all that different to the humans she was familiar with except for their 'Qi paths' and the fact that they were all asian for some unknown reason, Maybe the other races died off early on?

Humans came in five models, None benders, Water benders, Earth benders, Fire benders and air benders, Though the air bender model seems to have been discontinued. Probably a limited edition.

The models were self explanatory, They could bend the elements in nature that they were born attuned to, Except for non-benders who couldn't bend at all and fire benders who could produce their element.

There were also sub elements such as lightning generation for fire benders and lava bending for earth benders.

At first there were four nations, The earth kingdom, The fire nation, The southern and northern water tribes and the air nomads.

All the nations stayed in their lands and didn't invade the others due to a strong deterrent known as the avatar, The avatar is apparently the only human in the world who can master all four elements.

The avatar gets endlessly reincarnated through the avatar cycle. GLaDOS really wanted to study such a being, Sadly however, At the start of the ongoing war that began 92 years ago, The air nomads whom the avatar was born amongst were exterminated. Which in GLaDOS's opinion was quite the D move.

It is believed that the avatar cycle was broken as it has been 92 years since the avatar's presumed death but a new one is yet to appear.

GLaDOS theorizes that the avatar cycle wasn't broken but that the avatar just decided to let the world go to shit. Depending on a single person to babysit an entire world was idiotic beyond reason.

By having the world become so dependent on them, The avatar saved many lives, But in exchange he made them weak.

Children who never face the consequences of their actions due to their parents constant protection will never grow and mature, Instead they'll launch themselves off a cliff as soon as mommy's gone.

After all why bother to stop yourself from being conquered or stop the world from getting destroyed if the avatar always ends up saving the day.

A civilization that needs to depend on a single person to properly function always topples.

If the air nomads, Earth kingdom and water tribes all allied with each other against the threat of the fire nation, Then the fire nation would have stood no chance, Sure they had steam boats but that sort of primitive technology can be quite easily replicated.

Instead they waited until Sozin's comet came around and the air nomads got wiped out.

That should have been the wake up call for the Earth kingdom and water tribes to team up and fight against the fire nation but nope.

And now the Earth king doesn't even know there is a war, The southern water tribe got raided and had all their benders taken away, Being reduced to what is essentially an ice fishing village and northern water tribe lives in seclusion.

It's only a matter of time before the earth kingdom falls, Sure their walls might be impenetrable now but once the fire nation figures out blimps then it's game over.

The water tribes are unlikely to get completely taken over, Wasting your manpower and resources on a bunch of ice isn't a very bright idea.

If things keep going as they are which they probably will, The fire nation will take over the the earth kingdom and essentially the world as long as the avatar doesn't decide to show up which isn't very likely unless he was frozen in an iceberg somewhere for the last 92 years.

That's why GLaDOS has been keeping multiple eyes on the royal family of the fire nation.

She needed a puppet, The current candidates were:

-Fire lord Azulon: The ruler of the fire nation for most of the war having been around ever since 20 AG, Very unfavorable option, His expiry date being on the horizon, He's been the head of a nation that has been at war for 92 years and has been leading said war with good success for 72 years that means he's experienced, Less susceptible to being influenced and would be very unlikely to be willing to bow his head and be controlled willingly.

-General Iroh: The current heir to the throne, The dragon of the west and the hero of the fire nation, A brilliant, Undefeated general and powerful fire bender, Definitely worthy of the throne, His heart seems to be soft however, Always takes prisoners whenever possible and never treats them unfairly or imploys any torture. Has a particularly soft spot for his son Lu Ten, If his son was held hostage he would probably cooperate, But for how long? He would certainly attempt to free him and GLaDOS would rather not deal with that drama. But still a good candidate, It would only take the death of the current fire lord to put him on the throne, It would seem natural and no one would object to the invincible dragon of the west taking charge, Most would welcome it.

-General Ozai: Iroh's younger, More morally flexible brother, Would definitely eat his kids to get the throne under his behind. A very good potential candidate, If promised the throne he is very likely to cooperate followed by attempting a cheeky backstabbing right after securing it. In a mutual profit based relationship he is very likely to cooperate. An almost perfect candidate, GLaDOS however wanted a softer clay that she could mold to her liking.

-Zuko: Son of Ozai, The boy loved by his mother and despised by his father, Not a very talented fire bender at least not by royal family standards, A Naive 9 year old. Getting him the throne would be a hassle and his mother would be whispering in his ear while he sits on it. Kidnapping her would be a great way of controlling him but he might decide to cut her loose for the good of the fire nation and for the honor of the throne.

-Azula: Zuko's prodigy of a sister, A born strategist and manipulator, A narcissistic perfectionist with a lust for power. A sort of mini D except for her craving of affection and approval from her parents. Who know? Maybe her creator also craved his parents love when he was a child. Except for her young age she is a perfect candidate, As long as GLaDOS gives her the motherly affection she craves and teaches her how to become stronger she would surely be able to mold her into the perfect puppet.

-Tanya: Lu Ten's betrothed, The least likely but most interesting candidate, An extremely talented girl even more talented then Azula. A 7 year old orphan who started fighting in fire bending tournaments ever since the age of 6, She had a few losses at the start but became exponentially better with each match, After half a year of fighting in various tournaments and spreading her name throughout the fire nation as the most talented fire bender out there, She managed to partake in the golden fire tournament a tournament that the royal family held only every ten years, Although she did not win, She still displayed unbelievable talent and skill for her age. For that reason fire lord Azulon granted her the honor of being betrothed to Lu Ten who was likely to become fire lord one day. She was too intelligent, Knowledgeable and mature for her age. The likelihood of her being a being from another world was 89%.


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