Delusion or Illusion Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Delusion or Illusion


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"Why do you want to leave us, mom? You love us mom, you always said you love me. Please don't do this, mom." I pleaded, my vision getting clouded by the tears. "I never wanted you dear, nor did I ever wished to marry your father. It was out of my choice to marry him and have these useless kids. But now that I found the love of my life back, I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him." She said smirking evilly. "No, mom. Please don't leave us. We need you mom. Dylan needs you, mom. I love you mom, please. Plea........." I was cut off by the screeching sound of the car tyres when the car took a sharp turn and suddenly hit a hard object. I started screaming. But the crash was so loud, the car turned upside down and the shattering of the glass made a boisterous sound. I screamed "Mooommmmm......" Daisy Hannah Wilson, the girl next door, who's sweet, ambitious and compassionate. Aaron Crawford is the heartthrob, who has girls falling head over heels for him but he has his eyes set for only one. His best friend, Daisy. Daisy and Aaron are best friends for years. While it's just friendship for Daisy, it's love for Aaron - one-sided love. He lives in a hope that someday she'll realise his love, she'll value him and love him enough to be with him. But it becomes a roller coaster ride of emotions for Aaron when Daisy's relationship is revealed. While she's dying to be with her love - Brandon, Aaron is struggling to hide his feelings and put on a smile for her happiness. Aaron still finds a ray of hope to be with her but LOVE IS NEVER THAT EASY. What happens when suddenly, Daisy shows a new side of her leaving everyone stunned? Will love find its way in their lives or will they end up separately? What happens that makes her heartless and him heartbroken?