1 Childhood

He stood there facing the wall. She soon finds out why.

TSHHHH-TSHH-tshhhhhhh-tsh -TSHHH

"Stop! That's bad!"

He turned

"Go away. Can you see I'm busy."

"Is this how you were raised? No manners!"

Little did the young girl know he was an orphan. No parents. He was abandoned.

"go away! I have other things to do! Like watch paint dry! Just because you have parents doesn't mean you can look down on me! Your just like everyone else!"

"I'm sorry... I didn't know..."


"I said stop!...put it down....how about we play instead."

That day they played for hours.

"Will you be my friend?... I'll come everyday from now on?"

"...I never had a friend...."

"Now you do! What's your name?"

"Tae... Taehyung."

"That's a nice name! My name is eun lee!"

She smiled. That moment was forever in his mind...that smile.