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"Along with the creation of the word, so did it's first residents, the Primordial Beings. With the power to shape the world to their will, the life that followed them worshipped and revered them as gods. With prayers, they gave bounty. For offerings, they provided protection. The sick, they cured. The poor, they gave wealth. To those who seek, they provided wisdom. The Primordials loved us, their children that the world flourished. However, as light alwaus casts a shadow, one of the Primordial Being seeked to destroy the growing life. Wanting to have the world all for himself, he amassed his followers promising them the paradise of darkness, slaughtering those who didn't. The other Primordials Beings, loving their children, fought along side with them against he who is named Ke'oz. And after uncountable times The World rounded the Great Star and The Moon ascended and descended, Ke'oz, finally fell. Thus peace reigned once again." - An excerpt from The Uncestral Book.


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