1 The green little dragon

A dragon that's the size of a cat is curled asleep in a cave waiting for his mother to come back from her hunt. He is very fluffy for a dragon and has no wings. He has red dots that line down his neck to the end of his tail. He has big green eyes and little horns. And tomorrow is his 16 birthday.


I wake up to footsteps that's not my mothers. My eyes snap open and i hide behind a rock in the cave as i see a blonde boy my age come in the cave with a big red dragon behind him. My heart beats super fast as I see how big the red dragon is. The big red dragon had black on his paws and the tips of his snout, ears, wings, and tail. The dragon sniffed the air and I started shaking in fear. The dragon changes into a red hair boy the same age as the blond.

 " Hey Bokugou this is definitely a dragon's cave. I smell two of them but one of the sents is fant so we only have to deal with one" The red hair boy said to the blond.

Bakugou nodded " I'm not scared of any dragon, I can take them on."

Red hair boy nods, then sniffs the air again and looks in my direction. "Well we won't have to look long. I found him" the red hair boy said.

Bakugou looked where the other boy was looking and saw me. He smirks as he sees how tiny I am. " Nice job kirishima. What a little pipsqueak it won't be any trouble" Bakugou said as he reached down for me. 

My eyes widen with fear.I jump out of reach and run for the exit of the cave.

I ran as fast as my legs could go. I felt a hand grab my tail and yenk me up. 

Red Crimson eyes look into sceird green eyes as Bakugou holds Izuku by the tail up to eye level."What's your name pipsqueak?!. Bokugo says as the little green dragon Shakes in fear .


He's so cute and fluffy. No stop thinking that! " i asked you a question! What's your name!"

The little green fluff ball mumbules "..ku"

"Oh deku" Bokugou says in a sarcastic tone.

Izuku gets angry at the use of his name and yells with anger " MY NAMES IZUKU!!" 

"So deku who is that other dragon my friend here smells?" I hear the little dragon growling and doesn't answer. "Well my name is-" Bakugou gets interrupted by Izuku.

"I know your bakugou" Izuku said sarcastically because he ignored his real name.

"No, my name is actually katsuki" I poke dekus belly. Oh my gosh he's so soft! 

"So I will call you Kachan" Deku says while smirking as he's still growling at the fact bakugou poked him in the belly.

I growled in irritation that he gave me a cutesy name.

"That's not how you talk to the prince!" Kirishima yells.

 The little green dragon gulped in fear and stopped growling. A shocked look appeared on Dekus face as he realized who was talking to him. " T-the PRINCE!" Izuku squeaked.

"Yes i'm the prince and I need to stay in a safe place so who is that other dragon and when will they be back! " I yelled as I shook him. I have no patients for this.


 Isn't he supposed to marry princess Uraraka tomorrow? Why is he out here? Why does he need to stay here? Is his dragon friend going to eat m-. I was interrupted by a growl.

"Quite nerd! Who is the other dragon and when will it be back!" bakugou shouted in frustration.

"M-my mother... the other dragon is my mother and she will be back tomorrow" What is he going to do with me now! Why am I so weak I can't do anything.

Bakugou grabs a cloth bag and puts me in it and everything goes dark.

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