1 The Watch

Fourteen year old, broccoli haired, freckled face Midoriya Izuku loved staying up at night and watching videos of Professional Heros, the different abilities he saw, the versatility some of the Quirks or 'superpowers' had was outstanding.

Endeavor had a basic fire Quirk but the things he could do with it; flying, walking on walls, shape manipulation!

The large Pro Hero could make himself stronger and faster with the momentum of his fire!

It. Was. Amazing!!

Or, or Best Jeanist who could manipulate any type of fabric.

It didn't sound cool or powerful but the way the bowl styled, blonde Hero used it was amazing, the thin limbed man could stop villains with just a clench of his fists, get other Pros out of the way, make his clothes harder and more durable like armour.

His Quirk proved that no matter the power, if used correctly, it could help people.

There were a lot more examples of Quirks that seemed simple or useless but if used in a more creative way, could become powerful.

Izuku knew it didn't matter what kind of Quirk you had or how lame it seemed, any power could help!

Maybe even if that power was no power at all and it was just being a little more observant than other people.


Izuku loved writing in his Hero analysis notebook. The greenette loved coming up with weaknesses to impossibly strong Quirks or how to increase the strength of 'weak' ones.

Take Kacchan's sister for example, her Quirk was Light-Sweat which allowed her to sweat a highly luminescent substance from her entire body that glowed when activated and gave off a slight heat.

It sounded lame but consider this, when heat is condensed it becomes hotter, if she learned to layer her sweat, then any part of her body could burn her attackers, she would be untouchable!

Ideas like that were endless, the amount of thought that came with Quirk analysis was what Izuku loved when writing in his Hero analysis notebook, it calmed him.

"Midoriya! stop your blubbering and pay attention! 'Or' wait outside!" Izuku's teacher yelled at him with a deep frown and a twitching eye.

"y..y..yes se..Sensei!" Izuku exclaimed, keeping his stuttering down to a minimum, ignoring the snickering from his classmates and the dirty glare from Kacchan or Bakugou Katsuki.

His old childhood friend turned bully who had ash blonde hair, fair skinned and bright red eyes


"Deku!!" Katsuki grabbed the Quirk nerd's shirt after class and banged him against a nearby wall, a small whimper left the Quirkless student's throat, "If I told you once, I told you a million times, you need to stop you stupid daydreams and face reality!" Katsuki yanked his notebook out of his tight grasp and scoffed at the title.

/Hero Analysis For The Future number ten!!/

The blonde looked at Izuku in disgust while his 'friends' snickered, "You'll never be a Hero, you Deku!!" He exploded the notebook until it was nothing but a burnt husk. "If I catch you with anything like that again I will fucking kill you!" He slammed the other boy as hard as he possibly could against the wall causing some of the students who stuck around to either laugh or turn away.

"Ow!" The freckled boy slid down the wall as the bully and his posse left the room.


Izuku hung his head low as he walked away from his middle school, "Izu-Kun." "Izu-Niichan!!"

Two girls, a year younger than him waved at the boy and rushed towards him.

One had long brown hair and perfect pale skin with familiar red eyes that, unlike her brother's, shone with kindness, the other girl had long straight green hair, the same shade as his own, that went to the edge of her back with chocolate brown eyes. 

"Mitsuko-Chan.'' Izuku quickly patted the girl's head and went over to his sister, giving her a tight hug and kiss and the forehead, "Kaida, how was your day?" Mitsuko pouted and looked away from the older boy, as the other girl looked at her brother with a bright smile.

"It was good! Mitsu and I get an 'A' on the English book report you helped us on." Izuku nodded with a smile, "And during lunch, me and Mitsu practiced our Quirks on the roof! I did the trick where you said that I should compress my fire as tightly when it's in my throat and I managed to spit out a blue fire ball!!" The older boy grinned, glad his sister had some fun.

"And you Mitsuko-Chan?" Izuku asked, the brunette immediately brightened at being addressed.

"I managed to layer my hands!" Izuku chuckled at her exuberance, "I can't wait to tell Kat-Niisan!!" The greenette flinched at the name but managed to keep it under control enough so neither of the girls' saw it.

"Is it okay if I go over to Mitsuko's?! She got the new 'Princess Pals: Forever Together' and I really want to watch it!" Izuku thought about it for a moment and nodded.

"Sure. I'll walk you home before dark." Both girls squealed and hugged the boy.

" "Thanks Izu!! See you later!!" " Both girls ran off leaving the boy in their dust.

Izuku sighed as he watched the two girls run, until they disappeared from view, "Deku!" Izuku gulped and knew he was in a world of hurt when he heard a familiar growl behind him. "Stop talking to my fucking sister!!"


Izuku wiped the tears away from his puffy red eyes, trying to ignore the burning at his stomach and the bruises everywhere else, 'At least he avoided the face.' Izuku shook his head at the thought. "God, I'm pathetic." he kicked the dirt in front of him.

The greenette entered the small forest he used to play in with Katsuki, to calm himself. The mix of greens and browns did wonders of making his shitty day a little less bad.

As Izuku smelled the pine air, he smiled a little, remembering how he and Kacchan spent hours here exploring and playing.

The boy quickly lost his smile, as old memories played in his head, 'How times change.' Izuku thought as he rubbed his chest.

'At least Kacchan is a good enough person to beat me when neither of our sisters can see.'Izuku shook his head again and focused on his favorite place in the city.

The deeper he got, the more at peace Izuku felt.

He walked for hours just enjoying nature until he came across something unexpected, "What… the… fuck..?" Izuku saw a large ten foot creter with a metal circular satellite right in the middle of it.

The greenette crept closer to get a better look but after a single step, the broken ground gave under his weight and he slid all the way next to the satellite-like object.

He rubbed his head in pain before looking at the satellite and against his better judgment, Izuku lightly poked at it.

A second later a cylinder shaped object suddenly popped out from the sphere and scanned him, surprising and frightening the greenette, "Shit!!" Izuku crabbed crawled away, trying to create as much distance as possible from the mysterious light.

[D.N.A scan complete. Fifty percent match of Midoriya Hisashi-- conclusion made: Fraternal successor.] Izuku's eyes widened at his absentee father's name, [Access granted to the Omnitrix.]the satellite opened to reveal a… wrist watch?

Izuku studied the weird looking watch; It had a thin raven colored strap that was attached to a circular headpiece in similar color, in the middle of the dial was a white hourglass symbol.

The far edges of the strap were a dark gray and had a white tube across the bottom.

The wrist watch had thin silver metal plates that met the headpiece and strap, it was held together with four, tiny gray screw-like heads and lined up with the white symbol was a small green button,  "...Omnitrix?" The white hourglass glowed toxic green and it seemed to come alive at the sound of his voice.

A moment later, it leapt towards his freckled face.

Izuku raised his right arm in instinct to protect himself and the watch molded itself onto him, "SHIT!!" Izuku tried to pull the thing off, for a moment the wrist watch seemed to raise a few inches off his skin.

But as Izuku saw his wrist, long green vines of energy crawled through his right arm and the rest of his body seemed to spark with electricity.

"AGHH!!" The Omnitrix snapped back onto him and refused to budge even a single inch.

[Omnitrix has successfully coupled with new user D.N.A.] Izuku's eyes bulged at the unfamiliar, feminine robotic voice, [New user has not reached full maturity-- Failsafe activated; Master Control locked. D.N.A Scanner locked. Transformation limited to ten life-forms. Transformation Timer limited to ten minutes active and ten minutes recharge. Self-destruct locked.] Izuku began to feel lightheaded. 

'Life-Forms? Does it mean aliens!' Izuku felt his world turn on its axis.

[What is New user's name?] The greenette blinked at the question.

Izuku hestainted for a moment, "Izuku." He answered and the hourglass blinked twice before returning to its solid green color.

[Hello Izuku. Would you like to be shown your playlist?] Izuku felt bile rise through his throat, it sounded so human.

'Was someone playing a trick on me? They had to be right, aliens weren't re-' The boy paused, 'Aliens are definitely real, we can't be the only life throughout the universe, so I guess its not entirely impossible that…' the boy shook his head.

"Um… could you… get off me?" Izuku asked, the Omnitrix blinked twice and turned bright red.

[I can't do that. I bonded directly to your D.N.A, it is impossible to separate us until your death.] Izuku whimpered as the red symbol became green again and the teen promptly passed out, unable to cope with the turn of events any longer.


"~Going at the speed of light. He is always there in time! All Might! All Might! Everything is going to be Alright~!!" Izuku's eyes fluttered open, as his familiar ringtone entered his ears.

The greenette's emerald eyes narrowed in confusion as the setting sun temporarily blinded him, after a moment his eyes widened, realizing what was wrong and who was most likely calling him.

Izuku fumbled for his flip phone and quickly answered, "I'm so sorry,  my dragon! I'm running a little late but I'll be there in a few minutes I promise!" The boy could hear a  small giggle.

"It's okay Izu-Niichan! I was just getting a little worried! See you soon." Izuku covered his face and shook his head as his little sister ended the call.

'I can't possibly get there in time.' The boy thought to himself as he stood up.He looked around his surroundings and blinked at the metal satellite, his eyes shot to his right wrist. 

"Oh God, it's not a dream!" Izuku screamed in horror.

The greenette began to hyperventilate but quickly forced himself to calm down and concentrate. A crazy idea entered his head.

"Omnitrix is there… a Life-Form that can get me to my sister as fast as possible?" The white hourglass turned green in response.

[Yes, the Aerophibian from the planet Aeropela would be the optimal choice. The species can travel at supersonic speeds and can fire neuro-shock blasts from their eyes and tails.] Izuku's eyes widened at the description and bit his lip in trepidation.

"How do I change into it?" The greenette asked and steeled his nerves.

[Press the green button and my face will pop up. You will then turn the dial until you have found the alien you wish to change into and press down. You will have ten minutes before you change back.] Izuku nodded before slowly pressing the button on the side and as the Omnitrix said, the face popped up and a green hologram of some lava monster was shown.

"is,is this it..?" Izuku asked with confusion.

[No. The Alien looks like what earth would call, a manta ray.]Izuku nodded and turned the dial to pass a blind monstrous dog, a four armed juggernaut of a man, and a moth-like humanoid creature, he didn't stop until he reached the alien that looked like a humanoid manta ray.

The teen slowly pushed down the Omnitrix's face and for a single moment he was in pure agony. Izuku could feel all his bones morph and lengthen and combine until the pain disappeared, the transformation done.

Izuku looked down at himself and saw a dark green colored body, he stared at his arms that almost reached to the floor and flexed his now claw-like hands that had three fingers, which matched the number of toes on his feet.

He looked under his arm and saw his 'wings' colored ruby red and stretched from his wrists to a quarter of his tail. 

Izuku reached for his hair only to feel hard bone-like horns, he moved his hands lower, feeling the horns connect to where his nose should be and felt it surround his mouth, "This, this is cool." Izuku admitted to himself in a high pitched, nasally voice that sounded nothing like him.

The now green skinned alien reached for his backpack and wondered how he should start flying, he looked towards his chest where the Omnitrix rested, "Omnitrix… how do I fly?" Izuku asked the watch only to get silence in return. "Omnitrix?" After trying several more times to get the watch to respond, he gave up.

"Okay..." The alien muttered to himself and started to flutter his arms and he soon was lifted a few meters in the air. 

Izuku nodded to himself and wiggled his tail from side to side and positioned himself vertically upwards.

The pseudo-alien squinted his eyes and concentrated on gaining more air and suddenly he moved several more meters upwards, "So my flying ability is mostly mental. My tail is most likely to balance while I'm in the air and my arms are for directional changes." Izuku muttered to himself, as he closed his eyes and imagined himself gliding upwards, until he was above the trees.

Izuku could feel a gentle breeze on his face, after a moment he opened his green orbs and saw that he was above the clouds.

He moved his tail and positioned himself horizontally before angling his arms and focused on going as fast as possible, through the air.

"Shiiiitttt~!!" The air rippled across his fat face, the city blurred, Izuku had to stop several times to reposition his arms and move in the right direction but after a minute, he was flying above Kacchan's house.

Izuku imagined himself on the ground and suddenly lost the ability to fly, crashing into the hard concrete, "That should have hurt more." Izuku rubbed his head in slight irritation, he pulled himself off the ground and dusted himself off. "Now how do I change back?" He looked at the green hourglass symbol on his chest and frowned.

"Omnitrix?" Izuku called out the watch but like the times before nothing happened. He tapped the device several times trying to get the watch to turn him back human and began to worry he had to run out the clock somewhere.

A green light suddenly encompassed his entire alien body, illuminating the orange sky and suddenly he was human again, like the past minute or so never happened. Izuku looked around, to make sure no one saw what had just happened, "I should have probably checked first, th..at's on me." The greenette muttered and walked over to Kacchan's door and knocked.

After a moment the door swung open to reveal a pissed off Kacchan, a smiling Kaida and calm Mitsuko, "He..he..hello Kacchan." He greeted the ash blonde, looking at the wall behind him, he then turned to the two girls who rushed out to hug him.

"I was starting to get a little worried, big brother but I'm glad you're safe." Kaida told the older boy who nodded and kissed her head.

"I'm glad you're safe too, Izu-Kun." Mitsuko told the boy with a slight blush causing Izuku to smile and her older brother's eye to twitch, which rapidly increased as Izuku patted the girl's head.

"Let's go, my dragon." Izuku told his sister and waved goodbye to the Bakugou's.


"Hey so, why didn't you answer me earlier, Omnitrix?" Izuku questioned the watch as he rested in his room. 

[I cannot speak when you are transformed. That function is only available after the D.N.A Scanner is unlocked.] The greenette nodded, he soon asked another question.

"How did I change back?" Izuku asked with curiosity.

[When you transform, your psyche partially connects to my interface. You can change into any alien or back into human once you touch my face with just a clear thought but be warned every time you change into another alien you shorten your transformation by two minutes and increase my recharge time by another ten.] The wielder of the Omnitrix nodded in understanding.

"...So, what are you anyway?" Izuku asked with curiosity.

[I am the Omnitrix, created by Azmuth the First thinker of Galvan Prime; the smartest being in three galaxies. I was created so other species could learn and understand each other or if an extinction level event happened to any part of the universe, I could be used to restore them.] The greenette eyes widened in awe.

"That's amazing!!"Izuku exclaimed and covered his mouth in embarrassment, "So can you describe the rest of the aliens I can transform into?" The Omnitrix blinks green twice. "OH! can you also tell me what functions are unlocked."

[Request accepted.] Izuku grinned in excitement and took out a new blank notebook.


The greenette spent the entire night taking detailed notes on the ten aliens the Omnitrix could transform him into and the unlocked features he could use; like the Two way communication, and Bluetooth.

"Izu, time for breakfast!" Kaida called her brother, who tried rubbing the dark bags under his eyes away.

"Okay Kaida! I'll be out in a second!" Izuku told his sister. The greenette closed his notebook and stashed it in his backpack, yawning all the while.


In the atmosphere of space a large ship floated.

Within the highly advanced alien ship, sat a seven foot humanoid crystal-like man whose skin was colored amethyst and eyes were a calming sea blue, "A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD?!?!" Adatone Gema screamed in horror, "The most powerful device in the universe is in the hands of a teenager?!" He covered his face and groaned.

"Okay, okay calm down..." Adatone muttered to himself and took several deep breaths, "You know more than anyone that age doesn't determine ability, morality, or maturity." The Petrosapien nodded to himself.

"Let's see what you can do, human." He stated as he stared at a live video of the greenette talking to his little sister as they walked to school.


Izuku adjusted his backpack straps as he grinned to the world. Yeah he was sporting several burns and bruises beneath his uniform, a black tunic with five golden buttons and matching trousers.

 He was also made fun of because he had a 'toy' watch on his wrist but that didn't matter.

Izuku, well he still didn't have a Quirk or any sort of power of his own but he had access to a host of abilities, that according to the Omnitrix, he could do whatever he wanted with and Izuku planned to become a Hero! 

He was going to train with them and enroll into U.A, he was going to be like the victory styled, blonde haired, muscle bound, number one Hero; All Might! 

And nobody could say no!

It didn't matter if he didn't have a Quirk now because he did have powers, he was like everyone else! He could truly be a Hero! No more of just dreaming and hoping that he could somehow fulfill his dreams with enough guts, smarts and determination.

"Aghhh!!" "A villain attack!!" "Where is a Hero when you need one?!" A swarm of black sphere drones was flying and shooting at everybody and everything; destroying the streets, cars and buildings. 

Izuku was knocked onto the ground and was stepped on several times before he was able to get back up, as he was about to run he heard screaming, "Mom?!?!" A light pink skinned, fourteen year old girl, Ashido Mina was screaming at her mother, a woman with a much darker pink skin tone.

 The woman was struggling under building debris, trying and failing, to crawl out.

"Mina!! Run! you have to run!!" Ashido Utsusan screamed at her crying child who shook her head in refusal.

"I won't leave you!!" She held onto her mother's hand as a robot floated closer to them ready to shoot the girl and her mother.

"Nooo!!!" The light pink woman closed her eyes, not wanting to see her daughter killed but soon flinched as she heard a small grunt, her eyes snapped open and saw something amazing.

"Wow." The teen whispered as a eight foot, forest green, diamond humanoid, who was wearing a black unitard with an hourglass symbol protruding out from the middle of his chest, stood over them like a shield. His green eyes staring directly into Mina's yellow ones.

"He..hello." The creature stuttered slightly in a deep, smooth voice and flinched lightly, as he was blasted in the back again. 

"Hi." Mina greeted lightly with a wide, grateful smile.

The creature looked at her mother who had her mouth hanging open, "Y..yo..you ne..need some help ma'am?" Utsusan nodded."O..okay, okay.." Izuku muttered lightly, looking at the debris surrounding her and soon came up with an idea.

The crystal creature laid his large hands on the ground, continuing to ignore the hits he was taking as more and more robots gathered behind him, trying to injure him, "Come on, come on, come on; You're a Petrosapien! You can do this!" Both mother and daughter stayed silent, as the creature tried to encourage himself. 

The forest green Petrosapien closed his eyes tightly and a half-circle of crystals slowly came out of the ground, surrounding the trapped mother, lifting the impossibly heavy debris off her.

The dark pink Utsusan scampered out of the broken concrete as fast as possible before holding onto her daughter tightly, "Thank you, so much!" She looked up to the kneeling creature and brought him into the hug.

Unknown to her, if the creature had the capability to blush it's entire body would be bright red, "W..we..well we're n..not… done yet, I need you to stay behind me." he broke the woman's hold and turned around, still guarding them with his body, ignoring their horror filled gasp as they saw the several points in his back where he had been wounded. 'At least I don't bleed.'

Izuku took a deep breath and slowly crystal spikes came out of his forearms. He aimed them towards the bots before shooting them out, destroying two bots and missing the rest.

The Petrosapien ignored the bullets hitting his chiseled, diamond body and regrew the spikes, taking aim.

He destroyed another three robots and took several deep breaths, trying to ignore the growing pain throughout his frame.

After another deep breath, four more robots were destroyed.

After every try, Izuku began growing the crystal spikes faster, his aim becoming more focused and before he knew it, eight minutes had passed and all the robots laid on the ground, destroyed.

Izuku turned around and looked over at the mother, daughter duo, "Are you two okay?" Mina seemed ready to burst into tears seeing her new Hero with holes across his entire body.

"I...yes." The woman spoke with a watery throat, "We're fine, thanks to you. You're a real Hero, um whoever you are." Utsusan finished with an awkward face, holding her daughter tightly.

Mina wiggled out of her mother's hug and rushed to their savior, hugging his leg, "I'm sorry you got hurt!! I promise I'm going to get stronger so no one has to ever hurt themselves for me again!" Izuku thanked Kami, he couldn't blush. 

"It's fine Mi..mina, right?" He asked the pink girl who blushed a slight lilac color and nodded, "It's fine Mina-Chan, I can't even really feel it! I'm... I'm as hard as Quartz!" Izuku knocked on his chest and the girl smiled.

"So what's your Hero name?" Mina asked as she let go of his leg and Izuku's eyes widened and said the first thing that came to mind.

"Um,um,um? Quartz! My Hero name is; Quartz!" the pink teenl tilted her head in confusion as her mother copied her expression, "Because I'm a Pro-Hero and not some vigilante who would take the law into their own hands!" He waved off that accusation with gusto.

"You're a vigilante?" Mina's mother's face slightly contorted with suspicion. 

"No! I just said I wasn't a vigilante!" Quartz dramatically cried, both mother and daughter stared at him with narrowed eyes and soon the three of them could hear sirens.

The trio stared at each other, the pink duo staring especially intensely at the Petrosapien, "I'm going to go! Bye! Have a nice rest of your lives!!" The vigilante ran away as fast as possible.

Mina stared at her Hero in surprise as her mother shook her head,"Yeah he was a vigilante." 

Mina stared at her mother for a moment, "So mom... I changed my mind, I wouldn't mind moving here anymore." The woman sighed and shook her head. 

"It's not like we have a choice, we already signed the lease."  She muttered as they walked towards the now parked policemen, wondering what she was going to tell her husband.


Quartz took a deep breath in an alleyway, leaning against its wall and laying a palm across his rapidly beating heart. 

He felt the adrenaline leave his body but he continued to take numerous deep breaths but soon the Omnitrix face began blinking red, after a moment his body was encompassed with red light and transformed back into human, "Ugh..." The greenette held his stomach and lifted up his shirt seeing several deep purple bruises.

Izuku dropped his shirt and sighed into his shaking hands, dropping onto his ass.


Izuku walked into his apartment and saw his little sister and her friend watching the news, "And in other news, earlier this afternoon a swarm of killer drones attacked Musutafu."

"As most local Heroes were preoccupied with a large drug bust it looked like doom was inevitable but from testimony we gathered, a diamond-like vigilante appread and destroyed all the drones, protecting two civilians while under heavy fire, sustaining injury across his entire body." A blurry picture of the vigilante was shown running away.

"Despite his good work and zero loss of life, the police have issued an arrest warrant for the vigilante named Quartz." Kaida seemed in awe as she stared at the t.v and Mitsuko's normal calm face seemed to twist in distaste.

"Cool! Izu-Nii a new Hero showed up!" Kaida exclaimed but Mitsuko scoffed and her face soon twisted into a scowl.

"Didn't you just hear the news lady? They're not a Hero, they're a Vigilante! A criminal!" Kaida rolled her eyes at her friend.

"Anyone who risks their lives to help people is a Hero, Mitsu-Chan! They saved two people and destroyed all the killer drones without hurting anyone." Mitsuko's scowl lessened.

"Maybe… what do you think, Izu-Kun?" The brunette turned to the older boy who seemed to be sweating an awful amount.

"I, I.. think… I'mtiredandneedtogotobed!" Izuku ran to his room confusing both girl's who simply shrugged after a moment and changed the channel.


"Interesting..." Adatone muttered as he reviewed his drones video feeds, "He definitely has potential. Let's see how he does with a little more pressure." He pressed a button on his ship's console and shot a torpedo of metal down to earth.

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