Deities! Far Beyond Breathless-The Fight For Existence Book

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Deities! Far Beyond Breathless-The Fight For Existence


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Gay fiction Man x Man boy’s love gay romance mature themed no minors age to read 18+ Actions have dual possibilities leaning towards benefit or detriment of the individual executing change. Actions that are guided by fate utilizing serendipity will set destiny’s course for the meeting of two beings. Zane and Pride are two men that are the shadows of two deities that should have never met. One of the Gods cheated the other God, and their future out of maliciousness. Zane and Pride’s awkward meeting fanned a flame of ensuing romance that would lead them on an adventure. The adventure will test the two men’s budding love for each other,their commitment, their endurance,and reveal who they truly are. Pride is meant for Paradime, a God who is entrapped on Earth. He was born twenty-seven years ago by infertile woman named Joanne Pureheart ,who received help from a deity to conceive a child. Pride was a gift from the God Overlord , a part of himself left on Earth for Paradime to find. Paradime is an entrapped celestial who will use every avenue to escape his prison Earth. His persona to the world is the head of a global company called Paradime Industries, and secretively he is the leader of an hidden society. Paradime will seek out Pride ready to accept, and to claim his gift after finding out about him. Paradime’s son Rain doesn’t know that he is the child of two Gods.He is clueless about Paradime being his father. He will vie against his father and Zane for Pride’s heart. Rain is the right hand man of Paradime. Rain is in the second position after Paradime the head of a secret society. Rain faces a lot of conflicts from not knowing that he is more than human. He will come close to hating Zane before he discovers that Zane is a new member of Paradime’s secret society. Zane will discover that he is more than he appears to be,this discovery will bring him face to face with the Supreme. The Supreme is a treacherous God that will claim Zane as one of its own. Zane status changes from ordinary human to prince of five thousand realms. Zane will have to decide if Pride will be an enemy, or continued lover. When they encounter each other in the realm of Anotatos Komosto Pride will be far different from the man Zane knew on Earth. Pride arrives with the kind of baggage that Zane might not be open to handling. Pride has secrets that are no longer hidden from Zane, these secrets may end their relationship.Pride will be at the mercy of the Supreme , because he is treasured by Paradime. Pride has to find a way to solve his mounting problems, one problem which involves three deities and Zane , is the worst problem of them all. Until he acquire a new problem that brings him to devastation. In the mist of Zane and Pride’s struggles there is a Great War taking place. A war amongst the universes that involves humans, beings,and Gods. Three Gods that are enemies will battle each other, while they try to become major players in the universal war . A war where there is only a place for one winner to prevail over all the contenders. Rushing towards the Great War, the Supreme, Paradime, and the Overlord will bring Zane and Pride along too. Making them spectaculars as well as vital participants in the war of the universes.


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